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On the SAW ride Hiya,

Hope all is well and you had a great weekend. I recently went to Thorpe Park, and here I am on the world famous 'SAW' ride. I'll be honest; I have no desire to watch the films (I've caught the odd glimpse – not really my cup of tea!) but the ride I couldn't wait to get on.

I went during the week with my daughter. It wasn't too busy so there was hardly any waiting time. My daughter loves the rides and really, really loves SAW, and this is the proof, we went on SAW 17 times!

The attendants thought we were a little crazy I think! Off the ride we would jump and back round to the queue we would go! The other rides were brilliant as well. 

Rollercoasters are about as daring as it gets for me these days. I remember, years ago (at least 15!) I desperately wanted to present for Blue Peter. For my showreel I thought a bungee jump would look super cool, daring and very in keeping with the dare-devil antics of a Blue Peter presenter.

Bungee jumping
Well, the opportunity came by on the Isle of Wight to do a bungee jump. I signed up and off I went. I arrived early in the morning and met the team looking after the jumps. Watching people jump off the cradle dangling from a crane looked pretty easy… so I thought!

My turn came and I was tethered to a giant elastic cord. It looked a little worn and I mentioned this to the operator. His reply was 'Don't worry mate, there's at least another 50 jumps in that cord yet!' My immediate thought was which poor victim will be number 50?!

I was slowly winched higher, and higher… no problem I thought, I'll just dive off! The moment arrived. I moved closer to the edge to make my jump and I looked down. There was, from this height, a postage stamp of a mat below me.

A bit of panic set in – no – a big bit of panic set in! I can't do this, I thought, this is crazy. I'm putting my life in the hands of a long stretchy rope! But I have to do this I told myself, think of the showreel.  I looked at the video camera whirring away below (I couldn't hear it whirring; I'm guessing it did, they did back then!). I crouched and slowly rolled off the edge. Ahhhhhhhh!! (If I'm truthful, I might have used other words!)

The rush of air and the speed of the fall as the ground raced closer and closer was incredible. I'll be honest, it was amazing and terrifying all rolled into one. The cord did its job and bounced me around before I was lowered back down to earth! Would I do it again? No! Am I glad I did it? Without a doubt – yes!

I never did get that Blue Peter job!

Take care and see you soon,

Charlie  x 


  1. sylvia May 18, 2011 at 10:31 am -  Reply

    Hi Charlie
    God you are brave! 17 times!!!
    I have watched every saw film except the last one.Yes they are gory,but there is also a gripping story behind them.
    Anyway the best ride I have been on was The Tower of Terror in Florida.At one point they take your photo and at the end you can buy one,but it took 3 turns before I was visible in the photos as I kept hiding as I was so scared,but I really loved it.When we did buy a photo 3 of the other people sitting across from us were doing the impersonations of the 3 wise monkeys—very funny.
    Great to read your blog again Charlie.Take Care x

  2. Susan Dyer May 23, 2011 at 12:11 pm -  Reply

    You are very brave doing a bungee jump!!! So glad you enjoyed Thorpe Park with your daughter. I am really writing to say how really good I thought you were on the Taboo Health Solutions show last Wednesday. You always are an outstanding and informative presenter, but I really thought that you excelled yourself in this particular show as you dealt with the products to address difficult, but common problems with great sensitivity, particularly the pelvic floor muscle exerciser. You made the product presenter feel comfortable and allowed her to explain about the product in detail whilst you reinforced, recapped and explained again the way in which the product worked, clearly and with sensitivity. The whole show was brilliant and thanks to QVC for bringing products and shows of this nature to air with such good product explanations and for not being afraid to bring problems and difficulties of this nature onto tv. I only caught the end of Kathy’s presentation on the Morning Show of some of these products, but did go back and view the product videos and Kathy was really excellent too and very open and honest herself about her own issues, which was very brave of her and commendable. Please pass on my thanks to Kathy too as she is always so honest about her own size, build and any problems she may have and I love her presenting too. Many thanks to you, Kathy and all of QVC.
    Best wishes, Sue

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