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Pipa with a snake I can't even begin to tell you how exciting our weekend has just been! Myles turned 7 on Friday (yes, can you believe 7 years have gone so fast?!) so, to celebrate we decided to do something a little different and throw a reptile party!

Yes I know, sounds beyond terrifying and believe me, I AM the mother who gets her son to remove spiders from the house!

Pipa with a tarantulaIn fact, ironically just yesterday morning, I picked up a towel, thought I felt a loose thread, looked down and saw a massive black house spider – threw the towel across the room and screamed bloody murder!

In that moment there was no way I'd have thought I'd be holding a tarantula 4 hours later (left), but I did!

Pipa with a snake Not only did I hold a tarantula, I let a snake slither across my shoulders and down my back – a rare purple reticulated python!

At the beginning, I couldn't even bring myself to touch the smaller corn snakes – (check it out eating the mouse whole – below left!) but look at me by the end!

Snake eating a mouseI was told that having a snake glide across your shoulders was therapeutic, I thought "yeah right" – but it WAS! In fact, I might go as far as saying BETTER than a massage!

The guys that came to our house were so knowledgeable (they usually do schools and are hoping to open a reptile rescue centre).

Holding a scorpionIt was truly unforgettable! Myles, being the huge animal lover that he is, of course loved every second!

We also saw dragons (fed them live crickets who hopped across the living room floor!)  frogs, various other snakes, scorpions (yep, as scary as they sound!) as well as the tarantula!


Myles with a snake10/10/10 – definitely a perfect day for us!

Pipa x


  1. lpatricia gardiner October 12, 2010 at 7:47 pm -  Reply

    hi pippa i would never in a million years have thought of that for a party how fantastic your children will have a truly wonderful child hood with you what a fab mummy you are oh by the way just came back from florida yesterday and there was a snake in the pool filter too frightend to get it out and it was only about 6 inches long when i looked again determined to be brave it had passed away i felt such a wimp love to all trish xxx

  2. Pipa October 13, 2010 at 11:48 am -  Reply

    Hi Trish – oh believe me I would have run a mile in Florida too!! I remember in Philadelphia a couple of years ago, we pulled into a service station for Myles to use the loo – but he was too desperate so as it was so quiet, we let him go by the car beside the bushes ….as I looked down I saw a bright yellow snake lying there! I nearly died a dozen deaths!! The guy who ran the petrol station was just as freaked out I think as they’d never spotted a snake either ….glad to say we were in the hands of experts for the party – and to be honest, I couldn’t even touch the tiny snakes at the beginning, I was really freaked out but then I decided I HAD to be brave as really it was a once in a lifetime thing!! We had a fab time…but I’m with you by the pool, 6 inches or not, I’d have run!!

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