The perfect pampering treatment…and some home improvement!


Delicious greetings to you all! It's  Wednesday and the sun is out ( though rain is a guarantee I hear, so I am appreciating it whilst it's out!).


An amazing Gatineau TSV coming up!

Claire's blissful moment at GatineauYesterday was a treat and a half for me, as on route to QVC (well not quite but heh ho!) I popped along to Windsor, to the headquarters of Gatineau, to prep…if that's what you call being treated to a full facial using all of the Today's Special Value Anti Ageing Melatogenine Collection launching at midnight and on air throughout the day on QVC on Sunday May 11th.

Gatineau, for those of you who don't know, was started over 80 years ago by Jeanne Gatineau in Paris and to this day this global brand combines state of the art formulas, effective botanical extracts and the latest cutting edge biotechnology to deliver highly visible results.



Gatineau HQ!Andrew Bagley, who founded Gatineau in the UK over 20 years ago, has put together a fantastic Today's Special Value to help achieve a more youthful-looking complexion which will glow with radiance. It showcases the four most popular Melatogenine products from Gatineau's range.







A day of pampering treatments

Relaxing and getting pamperedSo, bare-faced and excited I arrived …on time – no mean feat considering the well-documented delays one can experience on the M25 and the M4.

The lovely Liz met me at the door! She was busy stamping and sorting all the passports that come into the office from so many of you – one of the fantastic perks that Gatineau offers for customer loyalty. Liz has used Gatineau for many years now and certainly has gorgeous and enviable skin.


I was taken downstairs into a super-calm inviting treatment room, wondering as I saw four beds quite who was joining me! But no, I had all Sam's attention, no training for anyone else that day! Just me being indulged with Gatineau's Melatogenine facial.

The bed was heated and my treat began. I promise we chatted through the benefits and I paid great attention to the textures and application techniques Sam used. She is of course responsible for training therapists.

The final selfie!Who am I kidding – it was bliss, as you can tell by the pictures! I floated out of there with the softest glowing skin, I even snapped a selfie for Twitter and I really don't do selfies very well….but I was sharing the effects this incredible facial had given me! So go on I shall share it with you too…talk about baring all! Well, almost!







What you get

The unique and patented youth molecule which Gatineau created is present in all of the fabulous TSV products and Andrew has outdone himself with the value for money we love to speak of/shout about in our TSVs.
You will have a Professional 30ml size, twice the regular size of the Melatogenine AOX Probiotics Advanced Rejuvenating Eye Concentrate ( I love the small nozzle on it, it means you don't overload or waste any ).

Sam, the amazing therapist at GatineauMulti-tasking and speeding up our cleansing process is always fantastic and that's why the huge 250ml size Refreshing Cleansing cream will be a godsend! It removes make up whilst toning, micro exfoliating and micro moisturising – all with a simple luxurious rinse-off creamy formula. Quick and simples! Sam, my therapist, confessed her addiction to this cleanser!







A favourite at QVC is the ultimate anti wrinkle formula, the AOX Probiotics Advanced Rejuvenating Cream which is in a special size, and the glowing response to our January Beauty Pick of the Month was outstanding, so the ultimate anti-ageing treat for the entire face, neck AND eye area, Melatogenine Futur Plus Anti Wrinkle Radiance mask HAD to be included, with reviewers calling it "magical" and "best ever" (I sleep in it too, Andrew gave me that top tip, Michaela watch out he may be gunning for your job!). All in all a perfect collection I think, and who doesn't want smoother, plumper, more youthful looking skin?

I shall be keeping Mr Andrew Bagley in check! Or he me! On Sunday at 2pm, we would love you to join us and Michaela for fun, information and of course the superb TSV, please do tweet in any questions to me @clairesuttonqvc.


Bathroom bliss…and other decorating dreams

Now I must hurry away as I have a man in my bedroom! Hee hee…the first of many I hope…ooooh I must clarify, QUICKLY!
Stage one of the big and expensive bedroom bathroom dressing room project is finally underway and lovely Jason is preparing the shower area for Simon who will be tiling it tomorrow, tho this bit of the project I'm somewhat loathe to be shelling out for as I was quite happy with just my bath in the room. Dan on the other hand needs to have ANOTHER shower in the house – trouble is as it's one big room with all the above sharing it. The steam worries me a tad, so he can sort out the extra huge extractor fan required so my clothes will not go mouldy!

Decoration in action!Precise planning and tonnes of research has gone into it and finally it's beginning.The wardrobing has been given the green light, the special snakeskin vinyl it will be covered in (it's fabulous! Honestly!) Is on order from Italy, the floor for the bathroom bit has been chosen, carpet too…we're almost decided on a bed, the huge padded headboard wall has been planned and discussed and is waiting for the wardrobes to be in. Decorator is pencilled in…dare we bet when it'll be completed!






Tom is 13!

A teaser of Claire's next post on Tom's 13th!

Oh and I have a teenager in the house – more about Tom's 13th birthday coming next! As soon as I've sorted through the photos!









See you on air on Saturday at 2pm and 3pm with a QVC Selection and Quacker fun, on Sunday at 12 and 2pm with Vercella Vita and Gatineau.
Monday: the Morning show and at 12pm with a gorgeous TSV from Nour.
Thursday: Morning show and yippee…Yankee at 12pm! Friday the 16th, let's Get
Gorgeous at 9am and at 11am the lovely L'Occitane.

Oh and it's STILL sunny….time for a quick walk for Gus in that case!
Lots of my love to you all,
Claire xx


  1. Pseu Donym May 8, 2014 at 7:34 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire,
    Wow, do you ever slow down?! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    You totally deserved to be pampered like you were, even if you did have to concentrate on all the technicalities at the same time. I’m sure you had a great time! You look lush in the selfie too. I’ve just noticed how pert and well defined your lips are – delicious!
    I don’t envy you all the workmen in the house, but I’m sure it’ll be worth all the hassle when the job is done! It sounds like you are typically well organised so it’ll go without a hitch (fingers crossed!!). Will there be photos of the finished product?
    Woo hoo, can’t wait to see all the birthday photos!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Hope you both enjoyed your walk in the sun. It is chucking it down here!!! ๐Ÿ™
    Love, K. xxxx

  2. Laura Galek May 12, 2014 at 1:56 pm -  Reply

    How very strange that you mentioned the Gatineau Beauty Passports in this latest blog, because last week I posted off my latest completed one, and I’d like to think that while you were at the Windsor office, mine was being stamped, sorted & approved too and coincidentally my three free products arrived this morning also. I’m very excited to use them ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. susan May 18, 2014 at 12:50 am -  Reply

    Now Claire how can you call a totally indulgent facial work!? Lol. How much of a gift of a work date is that!? You girls have it made! Lovely photo of tom’s balloons btw. Look forward to his b’day blog! x

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