The New Kids at QVC


NewCIDCosmeticsRev_bw New Kids on the Block – I was a huge fan of them. In fact, years ago my dad was on a business trip somewhere and wound up in the same hotel! How jealous was I?

Anyway, many years later and completely unrelated to the band (as far as I know anyway), we're launching a new make-up range called New CID.

Actually my daughter's Godmother bumped into the New CID guest a few months ago and they started talking make-up, etc. Before you knew it, QVC came up and she was saying how excited they are about launching with us on 8th September.

I have to tell you this range is beautiful! Don't worry, it's called New CID, but it's not for kids. If you love modern make-up and great-looking skin, then definitely give it a go.

Having vowed never to use a liquid foundation again since using minerals, I'm absolutely blown away by New CID's. In fact, I'm half expecting them to tell me that it's liquid minerals because my skin feels so amazing and looks fantastic with it.

As for the pencils and other colours, it's just a great find. I think if you find sophisticated make-up that looks great and feels fabulous on your skin (ie, you can't feel it), then there's no looking back.

Catherine is launching the brand on 8th September at 5pm so do tune in – I will too!

As for my other tips on make up and beauty, have a look at my monthly beauty blog.

Until next time,

Pipa x

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