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Craig and pillow TSV Hi there,

Hope you have had a good week? Just wanted to let you know I am launching the latest Northern Nights TSV on Sunday at midnight and as I have had them on my own bed for the past week or so thought I would share with you how I got on with them. It's the first pillow TSV we have had at QVC since March 2009 and I am so glad I get to launch it!

Firstly, they come in a large box, no cheapie vacuum bags with squashed pillows here. The reason I mention that is if you are thinking of getting them as a present for a wedding, house warming or birthday they would look very impressive wrapped!

Over the course of my adult life I must admit it's only recently I even started to think about pillows. I used to pick up any old cheapie pillow without ever really thinking about it and if you have ever been the same, please read on. Let me tell you now, the pillow can be the difference between a lousy night's sleep of tossing and turning and a great night's sleep where you wake up feeling refreshed!

Two bundles of luxury

When I took them out of the box and unwrapped them my first impression was of absolute luxury! You can see me holding them in the photo; they are so full and sumptuous. They look SO expensive, the kind of pillows you would expect to see in your very high end department store. The reason for this is that they have a 300TC dobby woven cover – it feels so smooth and luscious you might be tempted to sleep on them without a pillow case!  Now, obviously you wouldn't do that and the reason they have a high thread count cover is a) to keep all the feathers and down in and b) to keep the filling fresher for longer as its harder for any moisture to get inside through the high densely woven fabric.

I then began to squeeze them. These pillows are filled with feather AND down. Now, this was new to me, I currently sleep on Northern Night eurofeather pillows but have never experienced sleeping with down – it is wonderful! The feeling of support from the feathers is reassuring, supportive and comfortable with the added benefit of the down to add some luxury, extra comfort and also more adjustability and squeeze-ability. You can mould and shape these pillows so there are exactly right for YOU.

Perfect for all kinds of sleepers

Craig displaying the pillows on his bed These pillows also have a 'slumber core' – now without getting too scientific that basically means that they are designed to give you better alignment when sleeping and targeted support from the neck right up to the crown of the neck.

I must admit I am a back and a side sleeper and as I am used to sleeping on a gusseted pillow I was concerned the TSV pillow might not be high enough. I needn't have worried because the pillow is so adjustable and mouldable, if I want a little more height I just create the shape I want and the special design means I feel really supported. I guess if you did want much more height either pop the TSV on top of each other or on top of your existing pillow. As you can see from the photo I have four pillows on my bed, two of them in the red pillowcases are the TSV. Don't they make the bed look so full, cosy and inviting?

The key thing here is in this TSV you can either use the pillows as your sole pillow OR you can put these new pillows onto older pillows to give yourself a fresh, new and luxurious sleep.

I often say on air (and I know our bedding guests agree) that a good pillow is the absolute foundation of a good night's sleep. So, even if you have a mattress that has seen better days or bedding that you know needs replacing, before you do any of that get a decent pillow. Our TSV isn't just a decent pillow it is sumptuous, supportive and heavenly!

One last thing, to protect your investment in these fab pillows you might want to get hold of some pillow protectors. They are a great idea and if you do ever need to freshen up the pillows themselves, you can bung them in a 30 degree wash – perfect!

Hope you can join me and guest expert Sam Doubledee for the launch on Sunday night. See you then…



  1. Gail May 13, 2010 at 4:29 pm -  Reply

    Hi lovely Craig, you look like the cat who got the cream snuggling up to those pillows, but crikey they look huge. How big are they? The pillows seem to be gettng bigger and bigger, but sadly not the pillowcases. I am in the market for some new pillows, so will be watching, but they look very big to me.
    Will be watching you on Sunday so best behaviour please. Can’t wait for Sunday; I will be watching the lovely Ali and her daughter Lucy and then I have you to look forward to. Doesn’t get any better (sad, I know). Take care, Gail xxxxxxxxx

  2. craig rowe May 18, 2010 at 10:34 am -  Reply

    Hi Gail
    Thanks for leaving your comment, great to read them. Did you enjoy watching the mums with their gorgeous daughters? Hope you enjoyed the launch too.
    Re the size of the pillows, yes, they do seem big but I think thats just because they are so full and sumptuous, I only have Northern NIghts pillowcases and a couple of olders ones from the White company and all the new pillows fit into them, there isnt any looseness or bagginess but I like that, they look much neater when they are full.
    Did you go for the TSV? Would love to know how you get on with them…
    Big Hugs
    (aka the happy cat!)

  3. destiny May 23, 2010 at 11:48 am -  Reply

    Hi Craig
    I have the eurofeature pillows – I am back and side sleepy and thinking about getting new ones as I have had the others for a while now.
    Which ones would you recommend?

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