The fabulous Joan Rivers is back..and so is a fab TSV!


Hi everyone,

I am really rather excited to have my first ever Joan Rivers Today's Special Value launch! I will have massive butterflies all day monday leading up to midnight!! Got some now, in fact..

2009_0715piccies0005 Joan is a remarkable woman. I always go all stupid and awestruck in front of her because I admire her. Why does that have to happen?

She is quoted as having said "I succeeded by saying what everyone else is thinking".

I admire that because there have been so many times in life when I have simply wanted to 'be myself' but just held back due to my worries about how I'd be perceived. I suppose we're all guilty of that but there is a freedom to being completely unafraid and bold, like Joan. A few times in my life I have mustered up the confidence to just be true to myself and go for it but, for Joan, it seems to be her way of life.

That's not to say it hasn't got her into trouble over the years!! Remember Loose Women? She swore and then said something along the lines of them bleeping it out after but it went out live..oops!

She is the kind of girl I'd like to have a long lingering liquid lunch with! She loves fashion and has a sparkling sense of style. Oh, how I'd love a rummage through her wardrobe! She wears some amazing outfits. Her jewellery is gorgeous and that's what we'll be sharing with you monday midnight (into tuesday).

Her TSV is something which you have seen before if you are a true fan but we have some new colours to show you and a brilliant price, too. Make sure you tune in at midnight and check the tv guide for her hours throughout tuesday. We'd love to hear from you so text or call in, too!

See you then!

Love Catherine x


  1. Magda Chetty February 10, 2010 at 8:55 pm -  Reply

    Hi Catherine
    I also love the Joan River”s shows on QVC and bought so much of her staff on QVC for the last 10years. I couldn”t stay up late to see the TSV as I just got back from a holiday in Egypt, but seen the other shows and ordered the Double Strand Teardrop necklace, can”t wait to get it.
    I wish I was like her strong and out spoken, I always worry about what people think, and I can”t say no to people. May be I should watch Joan and learn.
    Take care.

  2. Chris Page February 14, 2010 at 3:36 pm -  Reply

    I nearly didn’t recognise you in that pic with your ling hair – talking of which, I saw you on Youtube as a Brunette. I was felled! Any plans to go to The Dark Side” again?

  3. Jill Meadows March 2, 2010 at 7:25 pm -  Reply

    Hi Catherine
    Really pleased to hear about your insperational weight loss. It was seeing you on a Diet Chef show that made me give it a go. I started on Diet Chef on 25.11.09 and at my latest weigh in today I have lost in total 33lbs. I did well by staying the same over Christmas week. Every one at work asks me each week how I have done and losts of people are commenting on how different I look. Another colleague has also signed up as she can’t believe what I have for my meals. My total aim is to lose around 6 stones a daunting prospect but not any more. On my last holiday to Tenerife in Noveeber was awful as I could not remove my skirt around the pool and would only have one photo taken. Brain and I are going to Kenya on safari in May, to celebrate my 50th later in the year. I will have lots of phographic evidence this time.
    Good luck for your future loss even though you look great anyway. Brian also agrees as he always seems to “linger” when you are on air!!!

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