Taking the Oreck challenge


Craig getting busy with his Oreck cleaner Hi there!

If you've been following my blog recently then you'll know that I've been trying to get my flat organised with an early spring clean.

Well, I discovered Oreck's cleaners and I'm absolutely LOVING them! I've got several cleaners and I can't get over how enjoyable the Oreck is to use. It's so powerful and the flat looks just amazing when I've given it a going over.

It seems a little odd getting so excited about a vacuum cleaner but I don't care – I can't recommend them enough!

Do you have an Oreck cleaner? If so, how do you find yours?

And just in case you thought I had a cleaning lady on the quiet, here's the photographic proof of me working hard! The pic on the left is me in the hall. The rug in there gets so much travel and it has a really deep pile, and until now I'd never found a vacuum that really gets it clean, but the Oreck does.

This other photo is Craig cleans the ceiling with his Oreckme in the bedroom. I'm lucky enough to live in a Victorian building so the ceilings are really high and there are cobwebs up there that I swear date back to Victorian times too! Thanks goodness for my Oreck compact – the canister cleaner is small and light enough to carry on my back and the telescopic tube means I can reach those pesky cobwebs with no effort at all.

Are any of you as passionate about your Orecks as me?

See you soon,
Craig. x.

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