Take the Diamonique Challenge!


Take the Diamonique Challenge

Feel confident that you could spot a real diamond from an imitation? Take the Diamonique challenge to find out!

The challenge is not as easy as it looks as our research showed that when asked to compare a real diamond ring and an imitation one, 65% of British women couldn't tell the difference!

The men were also fooled as after taking on the same challenge as the women, being shown a Diamonique simulated diamond ring and a real diamond ring, 72% of men couldn't tell the difference either!

So why don't you take the challenge yourself and guess which one of the rings pictured above is a real diamond and which is a Diamonique simulated diamond. 

Click below to find out if you're right!

Real diamond ring in box Think you passed the challenge? We can now reveal that the Diamonique ring is the one worn on the top hand (model's left hand) and the real diamond is worn on the bottom hand (model's right hand).

It's clear to see how a Diamonique simulated diamond can easily be mistaken for the real deal and it seems many of you are more than happy to 'fake it' when it comes to your jewellery. Our research found that 80% of British women found imitation gems more desirable than real ones, considering that they cost a fraction of the price but still look very similar.

Diamonique ring in box Nearly half of the men polled (46%) were also impressed with the simulated diamonds, admitting that they would be happy to buy their loved ones imitation jewellery knowing their partner would appreciate the value and wouldn't notice too much of a difference in the way they look compared to a real diamond. 

Did you spot the real diamond from the Diamonique simulated diamond? Are you happy to wear imitation diamonds rather than paying out for the real deal? Let us know by commenting below…

View the Diamonique range here

Plus, watch below as the lovely Miceal takes the Diamonique Challenge to the streets of London…


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  1. Scattynany October 8, 2011 at 8:36 pm -  Reply

    I have 1 diamonique ring and a pair of Veronese earings and get many compliments about them especially the earings

  2. Eithne Wilson October 8, 2011 at 9:33 pm -  Reply

    I have bought diamonique over the past few years and must say the quality of diamonique is excellent. Ive bought it as special birthday presents for family and friends as well as myself (I must admit when the parcel comes I want to keep them all), selfish isnt it but I really am very happy to wear diamonigue alongside real diamonds.

  3. p.c. hudsmith October 11, 2011 at 5:50 am -  Reply

    I have bought Diamonique for a while and love the comments received. I have a Tanzanite Diamonique ring which people have commented on and think that over £200 was paid (I sometimes let them think that)it is so believeable even the diamond equivalent.Would buy Diamonique again and again

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