Take a peek inside my dressing room


Jill_halliday_2_2 Hello and welcome! I share this room with Alison Young

We presenters have recently been moved to new dressing rooms and Alison and I were the last two to move in! We wanted to share because we are both so untidy! We used to be next door and just know each other so well.

Our room is full of clutter!

It took us both months to move out of our old rooms. You wouldn’t believe how much stuff we’d hoarded – we’ve both been at QVC for 14 years and neither of us had ever had a clear out! It just makes us really happy with our clutter around us and our dressing room is fab. We have our own heater because we’re always cold so that is an absolute essential. We want to squeeze a little sofa bed in if we can as well! 

Jill_halliday_3_2Things I have in my room…

I have lots of pictures of my children around the mirror and a peculiar picture of my husband about 20 years ago in his underpants! It was in my old room so I thought it might be unlucky not to keep it. Alison has pinned some of my baby pictures up, she thinks they’re really funny. I’m hoping to get some of her soon and return the favour… so watch out Ali!

We’re great friends, she lets me pinch all of her beauty stuff and the other day she had a cappuccino waiting for me with a Cadbury’s Creme Egg as a treat.

See you soon,

Jilly x

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  1. cecilia martinez May 10, 2008 at 7:55 pm -  Reply

    lovely comments from jilly about shared room with alison young i could forgive alison anything because her info for all of us over a certain age ladies is without a doubt our salvation i am 70 and have always used good cleansing and moisturising products.alison gives us the true facts and what to do to improve and help our skins.i do not think i can stop the aging progress but if your skin is cleansed and moisturised it always reduces the dry lined look and makes your lines appear softer and less visible. i also love jilly she is such a natural and easy to watch presenter she also makes me laugh when she is on. she looks amazing and i love her hair they are wonderfully matched i think as alison also looks fabulous and has an amazing skin.

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