Sunshine, the movies and living in the limelight!


YSL biopic posterWhat can I say about the weather we are having lately but WOW! How lucky are we. Bright blue skies and sunshine just make everything seem so much better. I am always much more positive at this time of year.

The sun is welcome because I have no holidays planned, as I am attempting to buy my first ever home; it really is a small sacrifice to make in order to secure a little space to call my own, but boy is it stressful!


I still can't quite work out why all parties involved seem hell bent on making the process as difficult as possible? All explanations greatly appreciated!

There was recently a particularly tricky day of trying not to shout at an estate agent (east end wide boy more like!) who seemed completely incapable of doing what he agreed to and then had selective memory about it. As well as that, I also had a headache induced by someone (who shall remain without name or title, as I continue to need their assistance!) whose emails seem to go to Mars while they are permanently on a training course on Venus. So to sooth my nerves I decided that I needed to have a long sit down in a darkened room – and off to the cinema I went!

It was the new French film about the life of the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent that I most wanted to see. It is a beautifully shot, artfully-directed journey through the life of a troubled man who manages to rise to the heady heights of world fame and notoriety.

Many of you may assume, as I did, that this rise to fame and fortune was simply due to his unquestionable talent, but as the film very clearly illustrates – an abundance of skill and talent alone is not enough, particularly when possessed by a troubled soul. Rather, skill and talent needs the support of business acumen, and a forthright and – to some extent – ruthless nature.

Pierre Niney (left) play Yves Saint Laurent and Guillaume Gallienne is Pierre BergeSo entered Yves Saint Laurent's business and life partner Pierre Berge – a man I had never heard of before the film, despite the fact he was the designer's right hand man and to a great extent the puppeteer who pulled the strings of their business empire.

This got me thinking about two things. First of all, the unsung heroes out there, the husbands and wives, the girlfriends and boyfriends who are actually the business brains behind their other half's success and yet have never received any credit for it, publicly anyway.

Would I be able to stand in the shadows orchestrating the success of another and be able to bear the fact that I did not receive any of the applause? If I am honest, I don't know, but I think it would rankle a little. Or maybe loving someone means it is something that is done without a second thought. Which camp would you be in?

This then lead to my second thought. As a single man, how different would my life or career have been had I a partner who was particularly adept at business, networking or forward planning (none of which I believe I am particularly talented at).

And, if I did have that significant someone who had an aptitude for career guidance, would I share the limelight with them? The answer to this would be an emphatic yes! How could I not? It's a partnership and that means a partnership of the good and the bad in my book.

In the Yves Saint Laurent movie there were quite a few lows and many many highs, and through them all Yves' partner Pierre was there. In the shadows of a bright star maybe, but aren't the shadows and the light perfect partners, one beginning where the other ends?

So, what I learned from the life and relationship in this movie is that whether in the shadows or the light, you will always be one half of a partnership living so close to each other it is impossible to see the join and when you are that close, applause matters not a jot!

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  1. Kay April 17, 2014 at 8:09 pm -  Reply

    Lovely thoughts, Miceal, I enjoyed reading them. I understand your frustrations about the house thing – maddening stuff!!

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