Expert tips on sleeping this summer


Summer slumbers should be dreamy, but sometimes they can feel like a stuffy and sweaty nightmare.

With our weather becoming warmer, we caught up with The Good Sleep Expert founder Sammy Margo for top tips on keeping cool and rested.

As a qualified chartered physiotherapist with a Master’s in Physiotherapy, Sammy knows her stuff and understands how troublesome muggy nights can be for our bodies, whether you’re home or away.

“The key is understanding that keeping cool allows for the release of your sleepy hormone melatonin”, Sammy explains. “This will give you a good night’s sleep in the summer.

The heat prevents the optimal release of this hormone, and, as a result, sleep will be interrupted. The solution is to keep cool at all times.

Quick wins

There are less high-tech options which are easy options to get you going; firstly, think about your sleep position. For instance, lying on your back is far cooler than in a foetal ball. Another good idea is to keep a glass of iced water by your bedside and use a cool flannel where necessary. When on holiday, keep your aftersun or moisturiser in the fridge so it’s cool and soothing when you apply it before bed.

Sharing a bed can drastically increase how hot you feel too. Try using separate duvets and a pillow between both sleepers, so as to set up separate sleep zones.”

There are some great buys you can try too, to help keep your room and body temperature cool: “Ideally, you will want your bedroom to be somewhere between 16C – 18C. This encourages the release of melatonin and so is the optimum temperature for sleeping.”

Thanks to innovative advances such as Dyson’s AM06 fan, controlling your room’s temperature has never been easier. This model is perfect for setting you up for a peaceful bedtime routine, being up to 75% quieter than previous models and providing a constant stream of uninterrupted airflow. Plus, its remote control means you can settle into your bed and adjust the temperature from there, and it boasts a built-in sleep timer, saving energy and providing peace of mind.

If you’re still deciding on your Dyson, Sammy has a simple, short-term solution: “If you haven’t got air conditioning, try cooling the room as much as possible before bed by opening windows and closing your curtains or blinds.”

Refresh your beauty routine

“Having a warm shower or bath before bedtime tricks your body into cooling. This works as, when you get out of the warm water, your surrounding temperature is cooler, so you will naturally cool down. This also helps with the release of melatonin.”

We’ve got a gorgeous selection of bath and shower sets perfect for adding indulgence to this functional task. We especially love Molton Brown’s Comforting Collection, with body washes in ylang-ylang and coco and sandalwood.

Plus, Elemis’ Mindful bath and shower oil set is also ideal for winding down in the evening, with a specific Sleep formula among the five revitalising fragrances. Boasting a blend of patchouli, elemi and palmarosa, we’re feeling calm and sleepy just thinking about it.






Fabric first

Sammy believes advances in our understanding of fabric technology have also made a huge difference in helping hot sleepers get through the night. “Firstly, make sure your nightwear is 100% cotton and just use the top sheet for sleeping.”

We love this pretty cotton nightwear set from Carole Hochman. With a top, trousers and light jacket, it’s ideal for lounging around your home if the evening turns chilly, while giving you the option to cool off and take away the jacket if you need to.

This 100% cotton bedding set from Northern Nights is another good choice for summer. You get a duvet cover, fitted sheet, and four pillowcases; all crafted from elegant, dobby-printed cotton with a stylish tiled print.

Although wool may seem like the last thing on your to-buy list, Sammy recommends it as an option: “Surprisingly, a wool duvet can also help, as it is heat regulating. This means it can keep you cool when you are hot, and warm when you are cold.”

For some luxury, try a silk pillowcase and bed sheets. These will not only help to keep your partner cool, but also look and feel great.”

The Good Sleep Expert’s silk pillow and duvet set does just the job. The ultra-cooling collection has an ingenious design, with the silk pillows featuring a cotton reverse to keep them in place. This natural fabric looks fab, feels better, and can even help with smoothing the look of dreaded bedhead too!

Comment below with your top tips for getting to sleep during the summer.

Head to our bedding department online for stylish sets, mattresses and toppers with the latest cooling technology, and more.

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  1. Debbie June 8, 2017 at 8:51 am -  Reply

    Hi another suggestion to keep cool in bed is fill a hot water bottle with cold icy water and place it in your bed at your feet. You can make it colder by storing in fridge especially on holidays! Great for keeping body cool during night

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