Strictly star Matthew Cutler presents our Zumba TSV


Matthew CutlerDancing king and Strictly Come Dancing star Matthew Cutler is presenting our Zumba Today's Special Value for us today and we're so excited! He'll be joined by Enrico Stey, another Zumba instructor, and together they will be showing us just how it's done!

If you're new to Zumba or want to know more, we caught up with Matthew himself to find out how he got started and what the fuss is all about…

I'm new to Zumba – what should I expect?

If you're new to Zumba, I can guarantee that you will have fun and it won't feel like any other workout you have tried to before. It has lots of different moves to try and learn, lots of different songs with different rhythms, some fast some slow, and the workout will just seem to fly by. However, at the end you will be hot, sweaty and feel you have had a great workout.


 How did you first come across Zumba? 

Zumba TSV set After I stopped dancing so much, I really needed to get back into shape. I tried going to the gym, jogging, swimming etc… all the things that you have to do to get fit. Then a friend of mine, who had just returned from America, brought a Zumba DVD to my house for me to try. So, I put it on and did the whole workout and absolutely loved it! Ever since then I have been doing Zumba 4 – 5 times a week!

Why did you decide to start teaching it?

Firstly, I think it's a great way to get into shape - it's so much more enjoyable than going to the gym. It's also the only thing I've managed to stick to doing! We have a great little dance school and it's great to teach something that you really enjoy doing yourself. We have people in our Zumba classes who have lost lots of weight and are fitter and stronger and that gives me a lot of satisfaction seeing that happen.

How does Zumba compare to other dancing styles?

Zumba dance studio The style of Zumba is based on Latin rhythms. I think if anyone hears Latin music, they find it very hard to keep still and not move to the beat even if they can't dance at all. It's very different to any other fitness programme that I've tried before, mainly because it doesn't feel like a fitness programme, it just feels like you are dancing and the atmosphere is much like a party!

Although the music is Latin inspired, it's very different to Latin dancing which is very technical, very controlled and can take years and years of practice, especially at a competitive level. For Zumba, although there are different dance moves to learn, these are are much more simple and repeated quite a lot during a song. In a couple of classes, I'm sure most people could follow a whole hour class which roughly includes 11 dances.

Are you looking forward to presenting Zumba on QVC? 

Zumba dance studio I'm very excited to be presenting Zumba on QVC, together with Enrico. We have both fallen in love with Zumba and want everyone to try it because we know everyone will enjoy it. 

The package that we will be selling is amazing value and I wish I had got my hands on it from the beginning. It has everything you could possibly want to enjoy Zumba and change your body shape and fitness level. We will be talking about all the DVDs that are in the package and demonstrating the moves, slowly and then to tempo.

We want to get across that Zumba is great fun, is suitable for all ages and you don't have to know how to dance to do it. Plus, it really does feel like a party!


  1. Adrian Churm May 3, 2011 at 1:08 am -  Reply

    Re Zumba
    I know how much zumba and money making machine I have a an advanced fitness instructor and personel trainer who is also a dietition who is now qualified as a zumba instructor in my dance classes but she has asked me for help with the dancing side as the zumba course is only a one day event then you can just go out and teach and you dont need any sort of dance or fitness training /background to be given permision to teach it. You can not learn to dance or teach fitness in one day which is what a lot of people are doing. Ive known people some people who have never had any sort of dance training or gone to fitness classes to just go on a one day course and then claim to be zumba fitness/dance instructor, this is not good for the dance or fitness industry for those who have spent thousands on proper training and in fact is very dangerous .
    I know mathew personaly as a dancer and I know he is a great teacher but for every one person like him teaching zumba there are hundreds who have no professional experience. There is nothing new with zumba just the name. I wanted to do a Latin fitness class back in 1994 but I was told because I was not a fitness instructor I couldnt use the word fitness even though I am a professional Latin Dancer so in stead I had to call it just Latin Line dancing .

  2. Marilyn Spencer May 3, 2011 at 1:57 pm -  Reply

    I have ordered todays special value as I started going to a Zumba class with my daughter, but after a couple of classes she found out she was pregnant and a little to scared to go again. By this time I’d caught the bug and wanted to resume but didn’t wish to go alone. This is going to be fantastic as I can use it in the privacy of my own home and still mantain a bit of exercise that I wouldn’t otherwise do, can’t wait for it to arrive and start practicing.

  3. Karen Williams May 3, 2011 at 8:32 pm -  Reply

    Hi Matthew,
    Thoroughly enjoyed watching you present today’s TSV. I have ordered it and cannot wait to receive it. I have always been a fan of dance but I never fancied going to classes as a singleton!! lol!!
    I think you are a fantastic dancer and you have always been my favourite on Strictly and was devastated when you left.
    Good luck in all you do and thanks again for today.
    Take care
    Karen xx

  4. Lisa Sheeley May 3, 2011 at 8:57 pm -  Reply

    Iv’e been doing to ZUMBA for a few months now and recommend it to every one!! any age!! its fantastic!!
    The only workout ive kept to, i have the dvds, the computer game and attend classes. i just cant get enough of the Zumba feeling.

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