Keeping my garden rabbit free


Steiff rabbitSpring is on its way! I was out in the garden for the first time this year and the bulbs are coming up.

I love my garden and in the autumn I dug up most of the plants so that I could work in some grit and organic matter to lighten the clay soil we have. Three tonnes later (and one ton still to go) the plants are back in and hopefully settling well before they start their growing again.

My biggest problem in my garden has always been the rabbits. Last year they ate the roses, holly bushes and anything that I planted that was smaller than 2 feet high. This Steiff rabbit is the only one I want to see at my home!

I couldn’t dig in wire mesh round the fences as there were too many trees and roots, so I devised a cunning system and hopefully the prison I'm creating will keep the little blighters out!

Here's a picture of my rabbit-proof fence. I have a bit more digging and moving to do and a bit of organic chicken manure to add. Then I'll topSimon's rabbit-proof fence it off with a good layer of cocoa shells as a mulch. The cocoa shells are a bit hard to find but I think they're really easy to use – they smell like chocolate and they certainly stop the weeds coming through. 

When they do rot down, they'll add to the organic matter to keep the soil in good condition. I have a bit of turf to lay, as we have changed the shape of the borders, and then I can relax in my sun lounger whilst my wife brings me a G & T and the kids quietly play in the corner… woops I must have drifted off into a fantasy land!

Happy gardening and don’t forget to tap into the knowledge of our very own Percy Thrower, Richard Jackson!

Simon x

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