Spring has sprung?


Debbie and her friend Carolyn WOW! What a difference some bright sunshine makes! There's a definite whiff of 'spring' in the air for sure! So nice to read all your comments on what March means to you – in my last blog – don't forget everyone leaving a comment will be put into draw to win the presenter calendar!

I've been out and about – went to stay with lovely friend Carolyn in Newmarket for a few days of writing.

We met in Tuscany on that romantic novel writing course I mentioned (Sept 09) and several of us have stayed firm friends ever since! She's a lovely host and we got stuck into some revisions and the next bit of my book – wrote another 3100 words – at least they're now in Hawaii – quite important given the title of the book eh! (The Playboy Billionaire's Hawaiian Affair – yes really, well it is in style of Mills and Boon! Lol).

I was very pleased to see that my cat allergy wasn't too bad too – that course of homeopathy last year seems to have really helped – didn't get runny nose till it was nearly time to go home! Anyway now I'm geared up ready for this weekend's York Writing Festival – can't wait!

Upside down dogs Talking of animals – there's a craze at the moment for putting pics of 'upside down' pooches onto the internet – I'm trying to do it with mine – if I can get them to lay still! Sooooooooooo funny tho! Thing is, I end up laughing so much I can't take the pic in time! Here are some I took a photo of, in a paper – and if you do any of yours, make sure you Facebook me them! (or ask the qvcuk Facebook team to forward them to our blog team! You never know, they might even appear here!)

Lavers in da house
Debbie with Paul Lavers Now when I returned to QVC one of the most asked questions amongst those that remembered me from the early years at QVC was 'is Paul Lavers coming back as well then?!' Well I'm not sure about that – I think he's very happy doing what he's currently doing! And that includes playing a 1930's Frenchman in an Agatha Christie spoof – I went to see him and his lovely wife Erin last week in Guildford. Very funny it was too.

It was lovely to see him do what he does so well, specially having seen him in the David Niven one man show last October. This one was very funny tho! The run has finished now but I asked Paul to record a little piece to camera (iphone!) for me – specially for those of you who asked!


Anyway – must go – so much to do! Have now successfully managed to plant the magnolia TSV 'bare roots' – now fingers crossed nature will do its magic and my bare roots will grow shoots! Either that or Debbie's done it again and put the blight on yet another batch of plants! Lol. I'm not so much green-fingered as 'slightly mucky brown' – not good when you're doing jewellery shows! Hehe!

Actually I don't have many coming up, but I do have a double helping of Kipling on the evening of Tuesday 22nd March. AND – great news for those that don't like to get out – or can't – but can walk and want to get fitter for spring – join me late Wednesday night for a new Today's Special Value pack from Leslie Sansone – whose motivational videos have helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds – and a new fun way of getting your body moving – even if you're on your own, or feeling a bit down! Midnight Wednesday – be there or be… well a bit less fit than you would be otherwise I guess! 🙂

Best wishes,


PS – watch out next week for news of my trip to York as well as a fabulous inspirational interview with best-selling, award-winning author Elizabeth Chadwick – and a competition to win her latest medieval novel 'To Defy a King' as mentioned two blogs ago – see the trailer on you tube – it's great!



  1. Michelle Roberts March 22, 2011 at 3:36 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs, Well you would be of no use to me working in my cattery with a cat allergy!!!
    I remember the lovely Paul Lavers, shows you how long i’ve been shopping on QVC,he used to make me laugh, would be great to have him back on ours screen but he seems very busy with other projects at the moment.(Good for him)
    Will tune in tonight for kipling bags i can always find the use for another one , lost count now of how many i have,i keep hiding them around the bedroom so hubby won’t know how many i’ve got!!
    Have a great time in York
    Take care
    Michelle N Wales

  2. Martin forbes March 22, 2011 at 5:11 pm -  Reply

    Good to hear paul again debs.
    he looks so well.

  3. Susan March 23, 2011 at 4:02 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Funny blog as usual and I cannot wait to see the TSV you’re talking about! Really interested! You and Anne have great TSV’s coming up! Nice to see Anne doing one too – nice to have a change sometimes!! No disrespect intended at all to any of the rest of you though!! Look forward to your next blog!
    Susan x
    PS Still extremely busy as always you are Debs!

  4. Linda, Glasgow March 24, 2011 at 2:18 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    Brilliant blog – as usual. It was so lovely to catch up with Lavers – i’ve been a keen QVC shopper since 1995 so the “old” timers are very familiar to me, before QVCUK, buying from the telly was unheard off so you,Julia,Lavers,Kara Tritton,Jules B,Jilly Halliday,Ali Y and the lovely(and never forgotten) Whatters(hope i havent missed anyone out?)brought us this new and exciting concept and i’m still buying 16 years later!!I trust QVC and donot buy, off the telly, from anyone else. I’ve mentioned this before to Julia(in her blog), my funniest memory of Lavers was an “around the house” hour – he was selling some stencil type stamps(you’ll remember that they were all the rage at the time when decorating the house) in a leaf design,anyway Lavers decided the QVC kitchen set needed decorating and started covering one of the walls with these stamps/stencils to demonstrate the product to us – well it was obvious that the gallery were shouting down his ear to stop but he just laughed and continued to decorate the kitchen set – you had to see it -the tears were running down my face with laughter – absolutly brilliant(although i dont think the gallery were too pleased).Good luck with the plants/flowers Deb,i bought the last garden TSV from Langdon, the updated weed clear drive and patio brush,i had the original model and it was brilliant for tidying up the driveway(monobloc)but i’m going to be able to give the patio a good clean with the updated version so thats what i’m up to in the next couple of weeks.I do hope your pooch stays still long enough for you to take an upside down piccie!! How are you doing with organising your home/work space to allow you to concentrate on your novel? Happy writingXX Love Linda

  5. debs flint March 24, 2011 at 10:15 pm -  Reply

    michelle – hope you enjoyed the kplings! Glad you liked Paul’s clip! He’s a riot! lol

  6. debs flint March 24, 2011 at 10:17 pm -  Reply

    martin – thanks for your comment!
    Susan – yes sooo busy i can’t tell you! Had a day off today (thurs) and ended up doing mostly doggy stuff all day long! From sorting their ‘doggy holiday’ packing, taking gracie to her hydroptherapy (doggy swimming!) to picking up all the dog food, etc, god the day’s flown by – and i havent even packed for the weekend’s writing hol in york yet! lol
    ps hope you liked the TSV!

  7. debs flint March 24, 2011 at 10:19 pm -  Reply

    Linda – ahhhh good old memories eh! How on earth did 17 years go by? That’s nearly a whole person/adult! lol.
    Yes paul has always made me crack up – he was great in the play too as the frenchman!
    Plants are next on my agenda – mustnt miss the season this year! Enjoyed it so much last year! At least now |I’ve got a dedicated Pen, the pogs won’t dig up my seedlings! lol.
    Anyway back to the packing! The novel is now at 33000 words, so getting there! loving it tho!
    big hugs and thanks so much for your lovely long comment!

  8. Di Binnie May 12, 2011 at 12:15 am -  Reply

    Hi, I must be a bit thick I cannot find the Kipling Monkey Names anywhere, please lead me in the right direction or give me a page link = thanku Di

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