Spring back!


PrimrosesAccording to a press release received today from the Royal Horticultural Society, spring is up to 20 days behind!

It certainly has been blooming cold in the garden and, talking to some QVC gardeners yesterday, we’re all itching to catch up in the garden.

Easter is the ideal time to start and, as the RHS say, there’s plenty you can do to get your garden ready despite the cold.

That means you’re not struggling to catch up when the warmer weather eventually arrives.

Here are some of my tips…

  • Make the most of your windowsills! Pot up young plug plants and tuberous begonias. Sow some seeds too.
  • Outside, do some container gardening. I like potting up bowls of primroses for instant and very cheery colour. You can also pot up tubs of lily bulbs and strawberries. Plants that have been in pots for a year or more can be given a new lease of life by using a technique called top dressing (see my container gardening book for full details)
  • Get ready for slugs and snails. They'll appear at the first sign of mild weather. My new slug and snail control pellets are safer than the traditional metaldehyde pellets, they are pet, bird and hedgehog friendly, approved for organic gardening and can be used around edible plants.
  • Treat your grass to some Lawn magic. It's the feed used at many professional football and rugby grounds. It not only greens the grass, it'll build up the root system too. What's more, it'll help sort out the moss – another key job for this time of year.
  • Lastly if you’re popping to the garden centre this weekend, don't get caught out on Easter Sunday. The larger centres and DIY stores won't be open that day.

This weekend is the perfect time to do some armchair gardening as we've got a two hour show that morning (from 9am). We've got special gardening shows every other morning too, from 9am, with some very special offers too. I do hope you can join me!

Happy gardening!


  1. Mrs V Wardingham March 27, 2013 at 4:51 pm -  Reply

    My husband and I seem to be having trouble with our plug plants we have ordered from qvc they don’t appear to be growing petunias ,geraniums, buzylizzies and various others , we have put them in the greenhouse, window ledges, under a cloche outside now inside in fact they way things are going they are all going to be dead before spring even arrives , don’t know if its the weather , can anyone shed any light on this problem.

  2. angie becett April 13, 2013 at 9:24 am -  Reply

    Hi Richard
    I am lucky enough to have 2 bags of your premium compost can I use it to pot up a blueberry.

  3. Vivienne April 26, 2013 at 12:28 pm -  Reply

    I have just received my Lawn Weed and Feed Kit, please can you advise if the use of Vitax is safe for dogs. Many thanks

  4. Trish June 1, 2013 at 4:48 pm -  Reply

    Dear Richard
    Can you suggest any deterrents for squirrels please?
    They are causing damage to my reed fencing by using it as a climbing frame and due to their sparrow like behaviour, I constantly have to re-pot my discarded plants, those that are salvageable, as they are using my pots for storage.
    I have a small patio and am currently restricting my plants with netting and hiding some in a small greenhouse. This in itself poses more problems for my plants and in my opinion defeats the object of having them.
    I am open to any environmentally friendly/humane recommendations to ‘get rid’.

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