Jewellery designer Francis Montesinos now at QVC


Francis Montesinos Francis Montesinos is an iconic Spanish designer who's famed for his amazing fashion and jewellery. We're thrilled to be able to announce that his superb silver collection is now available for the first time in the UK on QVC.

We spent a little time with Francis before the premiere of his collection on QVC to find out what drives his design inspiration…

You're from Valencia; how has Spain inspired your work?

I adore my country and I'm inspired by its traditions, customs and above all, its way of life. We are Mediterraneans and we understand life in an open and joyful way. We like to enjoy ourselves and this is reflected in my work as a designer.

You owned a shop in the fashionable Barrio del Carmen (Valencia) in the 1970s. What was that like?

It was a wonderful experience that left its mark on me. The 70s and 80s meant a lot to me from both a creative and personal point of view. The shop in the Carmen neighbourhood was a reference for everyone living the 'movida' lifestyle and enjoying fashion during those unforgettable years. One of my regular customers was the famous film director, Pedro Almodovar.

And you've designed costumes for theatre, dance and movies?

Yes, I designed the costumes for The National Ballet of Cuba's 'Swan Lake' in 1995, for the Almodovar film 'Matador' and for the choreography of 'Gitano' by Antonio Canales.

What took you into jewellery designing?

Designing clothes, objects or jewellery has for me, the same source of inspiration – the life I'm surrounded by. I give my creativity free rein, I interpret ideas and beliefs. The Francis Montesinos Treasure Collection is truly a silver metaphor of all my other creations.

When I have a blank sheet of paper in front of me with my pencils to hand, I am capable of imagining anything from an evening dress to a dinner service, a perfume bottle to a piece of jewellery.

What makes your jewellery different?

I think my pieces depict my permanent spirit of rebellion, and I've included icons such as the cow's head and needle that form part of my background. My designs also recreate my passion for the baroque and also undulating forms. I also love the beauty of rough stones. These are my obsessions and that's what makes this collection somewhat different.

Who would you most like to see wearing a piece of your jewellery?

My jewellery is for everyone, both famous women and women out and about on the street. For celebrities, I would love to see my work worn by Liz Hurley, Helen Mirren or Amy Winehouse.

What still fires your creative imagination?

As I'm mentally and spiritually very young, there are still a lot of things that surprise me and that can turn into a source of inspiration. As a matter of fact, when I travel and see different people and cultures, I always return home with new ideas.

Tune in for the premiere of Francis Montesinos Silver at 8pm on Tuesday 15th June.

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  1. Judith Macabich Prieto Rydings October 31, 2010 at 3:16 pm -  Reply

    I should be so grateful if someone could please let me know when Francis Montesinos’s jewellery will be available again in the UK. I have the silver drop earrings with the black silken balls, and I am anxious to get the pendant in black and silver with symbolic images of waves. It is on a black silk(?) cord.
    I am partly Spanish (my family is from Cartagena), and I love FM’s jewellery.
    Thank you – Judith Macabich Prieto Rydings

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