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SBC Soothing & Hydrating Collection Whatever the season, we want to make sure our skin is looking its best so we caught up with SBC’s experts to find out just how to achieve this.

SBC has been producing natural plant-based beauty products for over 20 years and is renowned for the range, quality and value that they offer.

Don’t miss our SBC Today's Special Value on Sunday 28th February – an Intensive Soothing and Hydrating collection.

Tell us about Today's Special Value

This new collection is only available at QVC and consists of:

1. Our top-selling Arnica Gel – a must-have for every family.

2. Our SBC favourite Collagen Gel – a natural facial and body moisturiser.

3. Jasmine & Evening Primrose Oil Shower Creme for a cleansing aromatherapy experience like no other.

4. Our NEW Intensive Arnica Warming Gel containing intensive levels of Arnica Montana extract that create a warming and tingling effect when massaged into your skin.

What are your top tips for looking after skin at this time of year?

SBC 8 Piece Mini Gel Collection Hydration and protection. It’s important to give your skin some extra care at this time of year. Apply Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum morning and night for that extra intensive moisturiser, and follow with any appropriate gel to suit any other skin issues.

Jasmine & Evening Primrose Oil Gel is also the perfect all-over body moisturiser for extreme dryness; use the complementary Shower Creme for that extra moisturising boost.

Which three SBC gels would be ideal holiday travel essentials and why?

It has to be SBC’s most popular product Arnica Gel, Collagen Gel to hydrate and protect your skin throughout the holiday, and Aloe Vera Gel to cool and soothe skin – whatever time of year.

Which are the best SBC products for helping with …

SBC Collagen Gel Dry skin?

Collagen Gel which can be applied over your entire body, boosted with a layer of Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum, both morning and night.

Sensitive skin?

This skin type can benefit from a variety of all-over body gels, but the most effective ones are: caring and gentle Cotton Gel; Lavender Gel for soothing skin; Aloe & Cucumber Gel is excellent during the winter months or Propolis Gel is perfect for dry, chapped skin.

SBC Jasmine with Evening Primrose Oil Gel Oily skin?

Jasmine & Evening Primrose Oil Gel is particularly beneficial for oiliness as is Lavender Gel which is the perfect moisturiser to help reduce the greasiness of your skin, whilst creating a calming and soothing sensation.

Propolis Gel is an ideal treatment for all the family and can be blended with other gels for added protection. Finally, Vitamin E Gel acts as a protective moisturiser to make the skin look and feel smoother.

Tune in for more SBC expert tips today (Sunday 28th February) at 12am – 2am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm and 11pm.

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  1. Susan February 28, 2010 at 12:24 am -  Reply

    Great TSV, just had to order it on the auto delivery option, many thanks. Sorry to hear yet another lovely guest presenter has left though, goodbye and good luck to Lorraine and very best wishes to her for the future.

  2. Margaret Hills February 28, 2010 at 1:22 am -  Reply

    Today’s Special Value is excellent. Thank you to QVC, Lorraine and of course Alison Young. Amazing value and I love the SBC products especially the Arnica Gel. The only problem is the rest of the family have discovered how good they are but with the fantastic value that QVC offers I do not mind sharing.

  3. Jeanette Skilton February 28, 2010 at 12:25 pm -  Reply

    A query for Alison Young:
    Which cream would you recommend for my daughter-in-law who is expecting to use for stretch marks following her delivery. I recall you talking about it but cannot remember which cream needed to be applied. I think it was an SBC product but not sure.
    Many thanks.

  4. Mairi Crockett June 3, 2010 at 5:59 pm -  Reply

    This is a question for Allison Young; My daughter has had surgery on a pilonidal sinus twice, sadly both time a small area of the wound hasn’t healed. I was wondering if it would be advisable to use some propolis gel to see if it would help.

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