Having fun in the snow


Dan and Maddie playing in the snow Snow, snow and more snow…….


So has it been great, OK or downright awful? I must admit to falling into all three camps, how about you?


I guess the awful bit was the drive into QVC at 5am on Monday and…I made it! As you’ll have seen if you tuned in, Debbie and I snuggled under our blankets in the morning show.


It took me over three hours and on a couple of occasions I certainly wished I was driving a tank with huge snow chains on the wheels! I definitely felt more toned when I finally arrived having held my tummy in and my breath for the entire journey.


I was incredibly impressed with my Emu boots with not even a hint of chilly toes, though I was petrified I’d ruin them in the snow and very delighted they survived unscathed.


QVC was a quiet place to be backstage without the huge amount of people in, but it did give me a chance to catch up with the very lovely Daniel Green, our new presenter. He was settling in and dealing so smoothly with all the changes going on – he’s obviously been involved in TV for many years.


I called him a “dish” during the Veronese show I brought to you at 3pm and spent the remainder of the show trying to explain to Ginetta Martini our guest just what I meant!

  Sledging on our horse feed bags 

Joe As I’m sure has happened with many of you, the children’s school has been closed causing great delight on their part yet, creating nightmare’s to organise for us grown ups!

Luckily Dan’s work has been affected by the snow so we’ve managed and indeed had a blast with some family sledging! With not a sledge to be bought within the area for neither love nor money a bit of initiative was called for.

Horse feed bags from Nanny’s stables became our sledges and the pictures show the wonderful fun we all had! The addition of three Labradors made it even more fun. They were loving the snow and dived on us mid ‘surf’ down our little hill, which seemed a huge, death defying bob sled run to Tom, Joe and Maddie!

I hope to goodness you’ve stayed safe and warm so far. Apparently we have more snow to come, argh!


I’d love to hear your snow stories and in the meantime I send you lots of love!




  1. Mandy February 12, 2009 at 11:38 am -  Reply

    Hi Clare
    What lovely pics of your family, it looks like great fun. I live in Norfolk (Norwich) and we havnt had very much snow at all, much to sons disgust and school staying open!!
    Stay safe and warm, best wishes

  2. claire sutton February 16, 2009 at 12:17 pm -  Reply

    Mandy, Hi there, my internet went down so i have only just picked up your message, Thankyou! Do you know we still have snow in the garden. We made the most of it though , mind you Joe is now sporting a grazed nose after a tumble off the sledge later that week, poor thing.Do you know though…ROLL ON SPRING!!!!!! Love Clairex

  3. Sandra Collinson April 19, 2009 at 8:42 am -  Reply

    Well Clair how is the MOVING IN process going or are you about to MOVE OUT again! In our 39 yrs of married life we have had over 30 moves! quite a few abroad being an ex Forces family you tend to move every 2 to 3 yrs. So we are both experts at packing and unpacking. Like you i had times when we moved and the family were young and we have always had a dog and at one time 2 guinea pigs! we tended to have to pack enough clothes for at least 2 mths! as when boxes were shipped from abroad it took any thing up to 12 weeks for them to arrive, but living in married quarters we did have all the essentials, so it was always very exciting when the boxes arrived and you found something you didn’t remember packing!
    So i would say keep calm and keep smiling it will be worth it in the end and you have the better weather to look forward to i wish you and all your family much happiness in your new home when it is complete.

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