Sniff, sniff, sniff!


Don’t you just hate colds! I have had one of those really annoying colds over the last week and the Morning Show has been awash with tissues and lip balm. 

Colds are such a trivial complaint and yet so debilitating. My wife, who has a health food shop, has given me a whole load of natural anti-virals, like wild oregano oil, olive leave extract and garlic oil, and I do believe they are having an effect, but it's been difficult avoiding the dripping nose when chatting to guests, sorry!

Despite my cold, the world continues to move along rapidly and it's been a busy week. It’s been nice to be working with Kathy all week and we have had some fun with a great range of guests on the Morning Show. I was sorry to hear that Dan Green has left us, he was a nice guy but his loyalties lie with his family in the states and it was too difficult to be working there and here, we understand that – good luck Dan!

The politicians continue to dominate our Morning Show papers and I think there may be precious little to talk about, other than the expenses scandal, for quite some time. But I think Homer Simpson may have summed up the debacle best when he said: “Honestly Marge, I swear, I didn’t think you would find out!”.

Have a great weekend all of you and join us next week as we are at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and hoping for a medal for Adam Frost’s lovely garden.

Simon X

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  1. Margaret May 21, 2009 at 4:36 pm -  Reply

    Hi Simon, Dont know if it will help with the cold but my niece is a nursing practitioner and the advice we are always given is dont eat any dairy products at all , not even milk in tea etc. and the cold virus will go away having nothing to thrive on , dairy it seems feeds this virus, might add it works for us but you have to be strict. Hope it helps ,Best Wishes Margaret.

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