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Pipa and her daughter Hello!

Gosh, how the tan quickly fades! But thanks to my Ultrasun, the family and I were well protected in temperatures soaring over 37 degrees in Dubai over Easter (whilst the UK was basking in equally beautiful sunshine!!)

My last post talked about being busy, but this one’s all about smelling the roses (and I was quite amazed in such a dry climate to see so many beautiful flowers).

The hotel Dubai really is quite beautiful, both naturally and in manmade senses. Everything seemed so clean and shiny (slightly exemplified by our return to Heathrow dodging drip-catching buckets and broken loo seats!)

We spent one week in a gorgeous resort about an hour north of Dubai, with loads of swimming, eating and meeting new friends. Our hotel room opened out onto an area of grass and within three seconds we were standing on the beach – absolutely divine!

At the Atlantis hotel Then, we spent the last few days in Atlantis – I knew the children would LOVE this bit. My eldest (7) is completely obsessed with sealife and so it seemed the perfect end to a dream holiday.

Sadly he was so excited about it that he threw up all night on the first night and spent the first full day in bed (reminiscent of Boxing Day, the aftermath of Christmas excitement! Note to self, manage his excitement levels a little more next time).

Swimming with dolphins However, we managed to swim with dolphins, spent hours at the waterpark and in between adventures, I tried to 'George Clooney spot'… unsuccessfully I might add!

The only thing I didn't do (shock, horror) was to shop whilst out there – well why would I? I had Yong Kim, Tiana B and Butler and Wilson with me! πŸ™‚

Pipa x



  1. Jennifer Herring May 18, 2011 at 4:34 pm -  Reply

    Sounds like you had a fab time in Dubai Pipa. I am off there next weekend and cannot wait – its gonna be hot but I will have my trust Ultrasun with me! We stayed at the Atlantis last year – it was awesome. Would you mind letting me know the name of the resort you stayed in for the first part of your hols? Many thanks. Jenny

  2. Caz Jones May 18, 2011 at 5:25 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pipa,
    Gorgeous photos! Sounds like you had a well-deserved wonderful time. Glad to see you had your Ultrasun with you – isn’t it a fantastic product? It’s certainly given you a gorgeous tan – all the better to show off Yong Kim, Tiana B and your Butler and Wilson jewellery!
    Glad you all had a fab time, and you’re back safely, and am looking forward to seeing you on the Q soon.
    Caz J xxx

  3. Pipa Gordon May 22, 2011 at 1:25 pm -  Reply

    Thanks ladies – Jenny, we stayed first at the Hilton Resort and Spa hotel in Ras Al Khaimah – couldn’t recommend highly enough, I really enjoyed being away from the city and right on the beach (beware though, there are 2 Hiltons in “RAK”, make sure you look at the Spa and Resort one. xx

  4. Susan May 22, 2011 at 7:57 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pip!
    What a beautiful selection of photos you posted for us! Yuo had a MUCH deserved break I’m glad to hear. As I said in your last blog, I have no idea how you are juggling all that you are – not to mention the degreee!! You are superwoman! You’re kiddies are just adorable I have to say..and I love the pic of Miles with the dolphin! You brought back awful memories of a Christmas/Boxing Day for me too – same issue! Not due to excitement though. It’s awful and why does it always hit in the night?! As if we’re not tired enough! And I’m sure you were exhausted after being up with him too! Poor things.
    I just have to compliment you on your amazing shows with Nikki from Lola Rose. You 2 are just fab together..and I so enjoyed Jilly’s shows too. You’re both well suited.
    You’re looking glowing I have to say. Look forward to your next show. Take care,
    Susan x

  5. Susan May 22, 2011 at 8:14 pm -  Reply

    Sorry Pipa! Me again! I meant to say to you how much I LOVE both the tops you wore on your Lola shows today!! Very me. Love the outfits Nikki wears too. Both beautiful ladies and such funky but elegant clothing.
    Just had to add that.
    Susan x

  6. Susan Dyer May 23, 2011 at 11:28 am -  Reply

    Hi Pipa, Sounds as if you had a fabulous holiday break and the children clearly enjoyed themselves, despite the ‘sickness excitement’ I love Ultrasun too and also I keep Bare Minerals sun protection powder brush in my handbag just to top up my face and neck as well if and when necessary. I watched you on the Lola Rose shows this past weekend and I am absolutely desperate to know the details of the stunning grey lace short sleeeved v necked top you were wearing on the Saturday afternoon Lola Rose show. It is just what I hve been searching for and in that exact colour so please would you be kind enough to let me know the make and details and also if it is a QVC item or if your own, where you were able to purchase it? I would really appreciate this information if you don’t mind letting me have it. I love your bubbly personality and enjoy all the shows which you present and the Lola Rose jewellery is fab and I would love to buy more of it than I already have done, but not always possible!!!!
    Many thanks in anticipation for your help re the grey lace top.
    Sue xx

  7. Pipa May 24, 2011 at 8:46 pm -  Reply

    Hi Sue – you’ll be reeeeally glad to know that the grey top (actually is a dress which you only saw the top half of!) will be on QVC later in the year. I can’t remember the details but when I get them, I’ll post it for you!!
    Susan, thank you also for your comments, so glad you enjoy the shows – we do have a giggle don’t we? πŸ™‚

  8. Susan Dyer May 25, 2011 at 6:17 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pipa, thanks so very much for the information about the grey lace top, which is really a dress, and I really would be grateful for the details about it when you are able to give these. So very glad that it is an item which will be appearing on QVC, but just hope that the length is not too short so that it will look elegant on me – as I am a lady of an age, so prefer skirts and dresses just that bit longer than only touching the knee, but I do like to still try to be stylish – even if it is only my own style, as I don’t have your enviable figure or the figure of your stunning models, Sharon, Tanya, Sally and Ali!!!!! I hope that we will be able to some pics of Ali’s wedding and her dress as I think that she is just beautiful and always looks stunning whenever she is on QVC with Simon Wilson’s fab jewellery,(which I just adore) and accessories or any other range she is modelling for. I really appreciate you taking the time and trouble to reply to me Pipa and thank you so much for being so very helpful. My Lola Rose cherry bracelet arrived today and it is just lovely so I hope the Peacock Blue one will be just as gorgeous too, but I am sure that it will be. Look forward to seeing you and your lovely personality on more forthcoming shows. Love and thanks Sue xx

  9. sarah prescott May 4, 2012 at 2:50 pm -  Reply

    hi pippa i am off to dubia soon and wanted any tips you may have for out and about dos an donts ?? also my 8 year old son is there anything good to do there for him many thanx sarah prescott

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