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Fiona Brackenbury This year I hit 44 (another blog, another day!) and while I've always been very strict on my skincare regime, I've never seemed to get the results I was looking for with the cocktail of products I was using. I would go to the big department stores and find myself faced with so many different brands.

I'd love looking at the pots, getting the assistant's advice and trying out products, but I wouldn't get the results I had hoped for. Then I met Fiona Brackenbury from Decleor (right) and I began to realise it's all about your skin's needs and not just about using a cream because you liked the look of it, or because of the price, or because your mum or friend used it and loved it.

I also realised there isn't such a thing as 'perfect' skin, but we can still have great-looking skin that glows every day and, on the days it doesn't, we just have to work a little bit harder to achieve that glow with the right skincare. Fiona invited me for a Decleor facial and took a good look at my skin.

It was a bit scary. I was pinned to the salon bed with a light glaring on my face and Fiona doing the deed she had just been dying to do. We were laughing and I kept thinking about all the holidays in the sun and the unused masks and creams I had in my cupboard. But I had always been strict on a good but simple regime that seemed to suit me.

I soaked up all the advice I could from Fiona and I have never looked back. I have quite sensitive skin but over the last few years it has become a lot less sensitive by using the right skincare and not dipping in and out of lots of different brands in search of that perfect skin.

Decleor Aromessence Neroli Face Oil I have now been able to move on and use the Excellence and Experience De L'Age range. It all began with the Neroli oil and Hydra Floral. Here are some of my favorites within my Decleor regime.

My Cleansing Water is a God-send. I love the fact that it's a cleanser and a toner in one. So quick and I was shocked at how well it cleansed the skin. I love it, I alternate every six weeks between the Aromessence Excellence (Fiona couldn't believe the change in the skin's firmness) with the Excellence moisturizer for the day and the Excellence night balm before I go to bed.

Decleor Hydrotenseur Eye Contour Firming Serum I wanted to focus on toning and firming, and also rehydrating the skin with the Iris oil and Experience De L'Age moisturiser and the Iris balm for night. My other favorites that I can't live without are the Hydrotenseur eye serum and the Excellence De L'Age eye cream.

I use the Decleor Purete face scrub and creme body scrub twice a week. Now I've got my skincare sorted I need to start experimenting, with Fiona's advice of course, on masks to enhance my skincare regime. It's the first skincare range that my skin actually adores and I get great results without having to spend hours in the bathroom.

Luckily you can also use Decleor with other brands as I do have other favorites that I can't and won't change, which have been firm faves on QVC for many years. Gatineau's Floracil is one, Nails Inc is another and don't be afraid to try new products.

Robyn from Philosophy I discovered the Great Mystery by Philosophy last week as it was raved about by Renee our model as well as Robyn White (right), the Philosophy guest. It's fantastic so I've slotted that into my regime once a week before I get into the shower. I was skeptical due to the texture and wondered whether it would suit my skin. My skin LOVED IT. That's where QVC is so unique with their 30-day money back guarantee even in skincare.

Oh, and I promise to do a 'what's in my bathroom cabinet' blog for you soon as I am bit of a beauty junkie and so many of you are asking for my secrets.

I'll see you for a two-hour special with Fiona on our amazing Decleor Day on Sunday 26th July (my birthday weekend). I may even see you on Friday 10th July at our Decleor event with Fiona. It will be great to catch up with you all.

I would love to hear what your favourite skincare products are, I could give them a go too…

Jill x


  1. Jason Zenteno September 16, 2009 at 4:28 am -  Reply

    Hello.. This is a great topic to cover and it will give an idea how to care and how to maintain skin. Expecting more and more posts like this .. And your post is likable. Thank You..
    Jason Zenteno

  2. sabrina November 9, 2009 at 5:59 pm -  Reply

    hi jill. did you know you have a secret fan club in of all places the city, as in one of londons top banking institutions ( i wont name it in case the guys get embarrassed)im the only girl here in a office off 18 guys and i came back in from the rain and went to the canteen only to find about 8 off them glued to the tv,you might think watching the highlights of yesterdays man utd v chelsea match as most of them are avid followers,or maybe they were watching the latest financial momements in new york, tokyo or frankurt,or surely they would be keeping abreast of the latest world events, as they do influence stock prices,oh no, they were glued, i mean glued to the screen watching jilly halliday in her little white top,going by their comments if you had been wearing a skirt ,one or two gaskets would have blown! jilly if you ever decide to wear a “tight skirt” with that top, the economy would grind to a halt,maybe some day if you might say hello to your ” city friends” on air , they would collapse with shock, i never watched qvc until now but you seem to present a good show

  3. joyce November 10, 2009 at 2:21 pm -  Reply

    hello jill, love the show,but i missed mondays,what is this i read of you sporting a little white top and causing some of our stockbrokers in the city to blow gaskets ???. could you send me on a few of these tops as i could do with one or two of them myself, for goodness sake wait until the economy pulls out of recession before you put the aforementioned skirt on, as you could cause a collapse in trading going by what i read in that letter from sabrina,im sure our stockbrokers are under enough pressure without you causing them to explode altogeher! love the show.. joyce

  4. sharon steele November 20, 2009 at 11:54 am -  Reply

    To that letter from sabrina, sabrina you would need to keep a bucket of cold water on hand the next time you hear the guys are in the canteen watching jill,if she ever wears the short skirt, you might need a few buckets,its amazing to think what goes on behind the walls of our financial centres! Jill you are turning out to be a little vixen. my girl!!

  5. Christine Clark December 31, 2012 at 10:46 am -  Reply

    Hi Jill
    When you were on the latest pilates show you mentioned you used a handy time to get your muscles in shape before going on the pilates machine. I am not sure if I heard correctly but could not find this item on the QVC site although you said it was sold at QVC. Could you please confirm for me. Many thanks.

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