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Rechargeable battery pack with chargerHi everyone, Simon here,

I try to  be pretty green but it is a challenge. These are the things that I try to do to help…

1. We use biodegradable soaps for everything at home.

2. I have changed all my light bulbs to low energy ones.

3. My car uses LPG not petrol (much better for the environment).

4. We have an enormous compost heap.

5. We recycle all paper, plastic, tins and batteries (although I do have a battery charger that recharges all types of batteries).

6. I try to cycle my little boy to school when I can (when the weather allows and my knees will take it).

The biggest challenge for us at the moment are supermaket bags. We have hessian-type reusable bags for both of the major supermarkets near us but the problem is I keep forgetting to take them with me when I go to the shops!  We need to find a ‘bag reminder device’ to sell here at QVC!

What do you do to be green?

Love, Simon x

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  1. Pauline Goulding October 1, 2008 at 11:10 pm -  Reply

    Hi Simon, we like you forget to take our hessian bags when we go shopping. I have bought 3 from one large store, 1 from another large store. We do take them with us on a Thursday though, as that is our big shopping day.We have energy bulbs, we were lucky we already had one in the room, but an energy firm rep came round and left 2, we have bought some from the shop. If the shops stopped having them we would have too remember our shopping bags!!!.

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