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I’m not entirely sure where this week has gone! Raced by!

Cherries LSThanks to everyone who left a message on last week’s blog with their pet mishaps! I’m glad to hear it isn’t just my two – and by the sounds of it some of you have encountered far more expensive incidents! Also, I have really appreciated seeing the lovely pictures of your pets. I’ve had a number of Tweets and they’ve been such a pleasure to see. Thank you! I’m @mecharliebrook.

I adore wildlife and couldn’t resist showing you a photo I took this week. We are very lucky to have a beautiful cherry tree in our garden which produces an abundant crop every year. They’re truly delicious – however we don’t get to eat many! The birds adore the cherries too and tend to get to them just before they’re ready to pick. It used to frustrate me a little until my daughter told me they probably need them more than we do and we can always pop to the shops and buy some! It’s a fair point!

It’s been a very busy few days and although a little late we’ve been doing a spot of spring cleaning!

Every now and then I visit the cupboard under the stairs, drag open various draws crammed with ‘stuff’ and have a thorough tidy. I say thorough, after about an hour I’m thoroughly bored so I pack everything away and plan to visit the clutter again another day… 2016 perhaps!

However, I did come across a few VHS tapes though and wish I’d hung on to our VHS player. The tapes hold a number of TV programmes I presented nearly 20 years ago and I’m really curious to see just how much I’ve changed (aged in other words!)

VHS tape
When I saw the tapes it reminded me of a little mishap many, many years ago.

I was desperately trying to break into TV. I’d made a showreel and was frantically dubbing one VHS after another to send off to various TV producers and production companies.

Well, this particular day was no different to any other. I decided to send off a showreel to Nickelodeon I think it was. Showreel copied and ready to post! To make the delivery of my newly dubbed VHS tape really stand out I popped it into a brightly coloured box to help catch the attention of the Nickelodeon producer.

So, CV printed, letter written and showreel dubbed I put them in the brightly coloured box which was duly sent, by special delivery, to arrive the very next day. Rather pleased with myself I went home to catch up on some TV.

Something looked a little odd as I stared at the TV. Then I realised. The showreel wasn’t in the post to Nickelodeon, it was in fact sat right there before me, beside my TV. A little bit of panic began to settle in… what on earth had I sent? I looked frantically through various VHS cases trying to figure out what was now in the hands of the Royal Mail heading to Nickelodeon?! Then it dawned on me. I had in fact sent in an episode I’d recently recorded of Columbo!

Funnily enough, I never did work for Nickelodeon!

803920 - Cook's Essentails fruit & veg bags
However – I do work for QVC and I’ve a fabulous Today’s Special Value on the way from Cook’s Essentials on Tuesday 1st July at midnight into Wednesday morning. It’s a set of six fruit, vegetable, bread and cheese storage and organisational bags. I think this is brilliant idea. I do hope you can join me and Simon Brown.

In the meantime, perhaps I’ll tackle that cluttered drawer in the hallway!

Take care and see you soon 🙂

Charlie x

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  1. lorraine June 24, 2015 at 2:05 pm -  Reply

    hi charlie-great blog-if you google it i think you can get your vhs put on to a cd x

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