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Williams F1 car cleaning kitI was sent a sample of the Williams F1 waterless car cleaning kit with cloths and glass cleaner (left) and I must admit I was sceptical… washing and polishing your car without water? Too good to be true! But you know, I have to admit it was very good. In a fraction of the time it left the car looking sparkly and like new again.

I was worried that without water and copious amounts of it, the car would end up with hairline scratches all over it, but my fears were unfounded. You simply spray it on and spread it around with one of the fab cloths in the kit and then a few minutes later, buff it off leaving the showroom shine!

ChrissiX from Edinburgh left this review and I couldn’t have said it better myself…

“Ordered this product as soon as I saw it on QVC, didn't even wait to see a demo, if it is good enough for the Williams F1 Team, then it is good enough for me! This is so easy to use, once you get a hang on the nozzle on the bottle, it took a bit of fiddling, trial and error, but once I got it going there was no going back.

It's easy to apply, leave it on for a couple of minutes and buff it back off, it leaves the car clean and super shiny. It also removes everything, tar, general muck, bird droppings, everything just wipes off, absolutely amazing!”

So, whether it be a hosepipe ban or a flat without an outside tap or just that you can’t be bothered doing the whole palaver of washing AND polishing your car… now you can do it all in one fell swoop!
We have a competition to give away five kits at the weekend so join us on Sunday DIY at 10am!

No excuses!

Simon x

Before and after…

Simon's car before cleaning Simon's car after cleaning

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