Share any weird phobia stories you have!


Thank you all SO much for your lovely comments and advice on how to best deal with my 'empty nest syndrome'. They cheered me up no end and were really thoughtful. I have to admit to welling up a a few times as I read about you struggling with your own change in situation – particularly all those of you with just the one child…

Sam coming home…

However, as you all said he would, Sam did come home this weekend, and yes he did have his washing with him! :) Clearly the advice given by the rather fierce housekeeper who'd shown us around the halls on our initial visit had fallen on deaf ears."Anyone who tries to leave this building with dirty washing will set off the alarms that are situated in the main entrance".

I, of course, have been as happy as Larry, with my kitchen once again resembling Mrs Woo's laundry, although I have noticed the wallpaper in the sitting room starting to roll back due to the enormous amount of steam coming from my iron..!

In truth I haven't really SEEN much of Sam as his girlfriend lives locally, and of course his mates have missed him too, so what with his 'cider' night, a bit of off roading and mending the exhaust AFTER the offroading, I was glad just to see that his bed had been slept in! 

It's lovely though how much more we have to talk about when we don't see each other every day, and it sounds as though he's moved in with a good crowd and is settling in well. I did dish up sausage and mash with my special onion gravy for them all yesterday evening before coming into work, so all is well in my world.  :) 

Lucy and needles

I've actually had a chance to spend some time with Lucy too, although not for the best reason. She had this ghastly lurgy and was laid up at home for the best part of the week poor soul. She's normally in rude health, but this really knocked her for six. She even had to go for a blood test which was a bit of a trial as unfortunately she seems to have inherited my 'submerged' veins…

After three attempts to get a needle into her, she had gone such a strange shade of pale that the doctor made her lie down before she fell down! As she said, it's not that it hurts, it's the sensation and the fact the doctor kept explaining how difficult it was – inspite of all the digging – to locate a vein! 

It took me back to the numerous blood tests I had to have when I was pregnant with her, and how the doctor always sat me by the sink incase I heaved. Worse still was when I went to give blood and the chap there got me to squeeze a rubber ball, while he explained in graphic detail the journey my blood was taking from vein to plastic sachet!! I can assure you, it took more than a jammy dodger to get the colour back in my cheeks on that occasion.

Have any weird phobias? 

Pathetic really I know, but it's just one of those weird things. Or maybe you're reading this and feeling exactly the same way, but if not, what does fill you with dread, or just make you feel queasy? Full blown phobias are easier to spot like the fear of flying, heights, or boats, but what of the more obscure? 

My son Jack is unable to fasten boltring clasps on necklaces without breaking into a sweat and feeling sick! (He would of course be fastening them for me not himself!!) My brother can't bear anyone running their hands over carpet, and my friend Jo retches if she smellls cat food! Another one that makes me get a bit sweaty is tryng to put mascara on those tiny lashes in the corner of your eye… strange but true! I bet you can top those though  – and it will be great to read through them 🙂

Strange pets

Lucy's cat Ella And staying with strange, but in the nicest way possible, Lucy's cat Ella will actually 'fetch' things if you throw them for her! I'm not talking about a ball or stick obviously – she is a cat after all.

But a hair band, piece of string or ribbon, and she rushes off and then returns and drops it at your feet! Really impressive I feel. 

Murphy the cat
Oh, and if you get her little cat treats out in the sachet and leave them unopened on the side, she'll pick those up and bring them to you, and if you don't open them immediately, she'll do the job for you!  Incredible. In complete contrast to my mum's cat Murphy who basically just sleeps, or lies down all day… but he's very loveable too.

Stange pets, weird phobias, let's share! Look forward to hearing from you, and hope you have a great week.

Love Ali xx


  1. Joanna Downey October 4, 2010 at 9:27 pm -  Reply

    Hello Alison, I tried to respond to your last blog, which I thought was lovely, poignant but lovely. However, I received a message telling me that my data couldn’t be accepted. Better luck this time. I suppose I have many of the usual phobias; enclosed spaces – I can’t watch the news items about the trapped miners in Chile, spiders, being sick or being with someone when they are…yuk. My “odd” one is spilt sugar, especially when it’s on the floor, it bothers me so much there are times when I have to stand on my shopping list when I buy a bag. My food phobia is avocados which I have always loathed. I think I’ll finish this list now before I get side-tracked into my OCDs! Love Jo from Stourbridge.

  2. Magda Chetty October 4, 2010 at 9:40 pm -  Reply

    Hi Ali
    Great reading your blog, it always put a smile on my face. I know exactley how you feel, I hate needles, when I had my first blood test I fainted before even the needle got to my vein. And to make it even harder they can never find a vein without digging for what seems like hours to me. As you know I have lots of truble with my stomach, and a few month ago had to have a blood test, when the doctor couldn”t find a vein, he said sorry put I have to slap you, so there was me thinking close your eyes and wait for a slap on the face, but of course he was slapping my arm so hard it hurt for days after that.
    Also when I had my car accident 3 years ago, they said that I have to have an MRI to see the damage to my back, when I got there and just after 2 min I screamed and asked to get out I just couldn”t stay inside that machine for half an hour I would have died.
    Iam so glad Sam in having fun at uni, give him my best. And hope Lucy gets better soon.
    Much love.

  3. Louise October 4, 2010 at 10:13 pm -  Reply

    Hi Ali
    I remember when I was at uni; I went home every weekend. I’m still a home bod and, although I think part of the deal of going to uni is moving into halls away from home, I was happy when study was finished and I could go home.
    I am so glad that I am not the only girl in the world who poses a huge problem for nurses attempting to take a blood sample. because of my medical history, I am always having to have blood taken and so do not mind it at all. I would willingly be a blood donor, but they won’t take my blood due to the drugs (prescribed!) in it. Last time I went for a blood test, the new nurse had 5 goes at me. even for me who can withstand anything medically, I was starting to feel a bit faint. Now, when I’m asked to give a blood sample, I am loathe to do so as I know they probably won’t be successful in acquiring it.
    Keep well.

  4. Jane Duff October 4, 2010 at 10:45 pm -  Reply

    Good to read your latest news Alison, I can fully sympathise with the blood test syndrome as I am in a similar position with poor veins that are very difficult. I was once undergoing a so called routine test, the nurse gave up after 4 attempts, two in each arm and went to get a doctor who “never failed”!!!!!
    Another three goes later he asked me to come back the next day!
    Oh boy did I look forward to that!
    My tip is to drink as much water as is humanly possible before the test, I find that this helps particularly when I am doing fasting blood tests.
    I hope that Lucy is soon feeling better
    Kind regards

  5. Lucy October 4, 2010 at 11:26 pm -  Reply

    Hi Mum,
    Ella (or Dotsy) told me to thank you for making her famous – all of those hours chasing hairbands has finally paid off!
    Also, did you know Mel is terrified of stickers? She feels sick if someone puts a sticker on her!
    Anyway, lots of love to you.
    Lucy xxx

  6. Deborah Stubbs October 4, 2010 at 11:34 pm -  Reply

    Well Ali, my two phobias are, Ready Brek, the smell the look of it, i cant stand being near it, which is difficult as i run a breakfast club, so i delegate makeing it to another member of staff
    The other is toilets on an aeroplane it took me a long time to use them, i just crossed my legs and it became very difficult when i was on so many long haul flights, my phobia is being sucked down the toilet.
    Hope you are well and not missing Sam to much and i hope Lucy is on the mend, i know how she feels regarding needles, they can never get a vein to come up on my arm so they take it from the back of my hand.

  7. Una October 5, 2010 at 12:04 pm -  Reply

    Hi Ali
    Enjoyed your blog as always.
    Glad Sam made it home in one piece. Told you he would be grand!
    BTW, its ok to have a little cry now and again!xxxxx
    You already know about my phobia with pigeons, but I have to admit to another one.Needles dont bother me in the least, but I ALWAYS have to have my hair short, as I cant stand it if the wind blows it in my eyes. I actually feel physically ill. Weird, I know, but thats the way it is.
    I have mentioned to Julia before, about our little cat. He LOVES to play fetch too. Only with till receipts though. He climbs in the bags when we have been at the supermarket, and rummages till he finds it. Not usually too difficult as they are normally a mile long!! He runs around with it, thens drops it at our feet. we have to throw it, and he brings it back to us. I wear my Birkenstocks, so slip them off, and tell him to put it in my shoe, which he does. I just dont know why people think animals are dumb. Thay are anything but.
    I wasnt too well last week, and he lay at the foot of the bed with me the whole time. Every so often, he would have a wee stretch, wander up to me, and just touch my face with his paw, then go back to sleep. Hes just lovely.
    Hope Lucy is feeling better. Lots of love to you all
    Una x

  8. Dorothy October 5, 2010 at 6:32 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alison
    Firstly pleased Sam has settled in and enjoying it, (THEY ALWAYS COME BACK HOME) its nice to feel wanted again even if it is for with a washing bag. Sorry to hear Lucy not well hope she’s on the mend soon. AS for phobias the only one i can think of is when Laura used to be sick (I joined her so Davy had to take over.) When Laura was about four we went to see mam in hospital my sister took Laura for a drink, they went in the lift and it stopped they were there for a hour she was in a terrible state when the doors finely opened, SO WAS I, so since that day its stairs all the time. She is 27 now and only had one tooth out when she was 15 no bother at the dentist, when we got home and took the cotton wool out and saw the blood she was a gonna so now she cannot stand blood. Anyway hope all is well.
    love best wishes.
    Dorothy xxxx

  9. alison keenan October 5, 2010 at 10:21 pm -  Reply

    Oh Jo I am sorry that you weren’t able to send through your message for last week, but thank you for persevering for this week’s blog! Completely understand about the Chilean miners! Heaven knows how they are doing it. I forgot that being buried alive is right at the top of my list of major terrors, but your feelings about being with someone when they’re sick isn’t far behind either 🙁 Split sugar though is a new one for me, although avocados are strange, and a tad soapy I agree. Keep in touch, and let’s see what else pops up in these replies!! Nowt queerer than folk as they say 🙂 Love Ali x

  10. alison keenan October 5, 2010 at 10:25 pm -  Reply

    Magda, you made me laugh out loud with your response! Bless you for thinking it was acceptable for a doctor to slap you around the face!! I know what you mean about the bashing on the back of the hand or the arm…. and I bruise really badly too. I completely empathise with your fear of the MRI too… although the thought was worse than the actual thing I felt. Poor mum was terrified until I told her it was open both ends, and that they would take her out if it was all too much… All was well 🙂 So glad that you’re recovered from what must have an awful time, and I will of course pass on your best to Lucy and Sam. Love Ali xx

  11. Lynn October 5, 2010 at 11:54 pm -  Reply

    hi ali, mine is mice, and wait for it… strimmers am scared the wirey thing flies off and slashes my feet or legs!!!!!!!!!!! ding ding last stop looney land city centre i say!!
    glad sam came home and from what you said daniel did exactly the same haha but it made home normal for 48hrs..but no washing his girlie is going to visit him next weekend and shes going to “show”him how to do it…do it for him more like!!!
    i can go with your daughter weve had the lurgy here too am still suffering with a bad chesty cough dispite antibiotics! eat your heart out tena lady lol lol lol
    have a good week love as per Lynn xx

  12. Margaret October 6, 2010 at 1:53 am -  Reply

    Hi Alison, well my total fear is worms and snakes ,just cant stand them and being a keen gardener its sometimes a big problem, Ive made hubby jump with my screams on many occasions when one wriggles when Im weeding ,horrid things.If Im looking at a book and turn to a page with a snake unexpectedly the book goes up in the air and it really makes me shudder dont think I could ever be near to one in reality although saying that years ago in Blackpool there was a chap who used to walk up and down the prom hoping people would have their photos taken with it wrapped around their neck and he came towards a friend and myself we both jumped into the road to escape him and were lucky not to hit by a car , Id forgotten that . Blood tests dont both me too much I have to have them done every two months and think Im just used to them now. We all have our phobias and some are more creepy than others my hubby is a big strong chap but if we have a spider walking around its me who deals with it , always pick them up and put them outside he cant watch. great to read your blog entertaining as always ,Best wishes Margaretxx

  13. Susan October 6, 2010 at 4:23 pm -  Reply

    Hi Ali,
    What a funny blog! Great stories & funny responses above also! I hate hate hate the sound of ice crunching when you open the freezer drawer – heave!! Oh it makes me shudder just thinking about it! And those little foamy beads they put into your parcels for packing as well – heave again!
    Two of my friends also cannot stand banana skins – why i have no idea – and kiwis – something to do with the furry skin!
    Keep up the good shows & love to the ‘kiddies’.
    Susan x

  14. Kathleen Kape October 6, 2010 at 6:26 pm -  Reply

    To; Alison From; Murphy:
    Thank you for the very pleasing photo of me on your blog. However I just wanted to correct the impression that I do nothng but sleep all day.
    In fact while I may take cat naps I have a busy life, I have to go upstairs with Mum when she uses the computer. I then rush out into the garden to keep an eye on Dad in case is is planning to raid the mouse holes. I am happy to share the odd mouse with him, you understand, but only when I choose to do so.
    Then before bed I have to exercise them. I sit under the chair and act as goalkeeper and pat balls around the kitchen for them to run after.
    All in all quite a responsibility as I am sure you and your friends will agree.
    My thanks to those who have wished mum well.
    My best wishes to all, Murphy xx

  15. alison keenan October 6, 2010 at 8:19 pm -  Reply

    Crikey Margaret, you are a very descriptive writer, and I can feel my skin creeping just reading your reply, but thank you for it!! What a wonderfully weird bunch of people we are – and I mean that in the nicest possible way 🙂 Snakes not a favourite of mine either, although in the name of entertainment and also to combat my phobia I did once present a radio show with a 15 foot python curled around my person! The chap who brought him in said it was ok if he tightened around me he wouldn’t go for the kill (the snake not the owner….), I wasn’t so sure!! However all was well although this python positioned his head about 12″ from mine and didn’t shift his gaze…. very creepy! You are good with spiders though – we don’t have many as the cats rather like them! Take care of yourself, and I hope that the regular blood tests you have to have, are keeping your health in check. Love Ali xx

  16. alison keenan October 6, 2010 at 8:25 pm -  Reply

    Gosh Lynn I’m glad now that I didn’t post the film I made of the little field mouse in my en suite!! I do understand why you might not like them, and can actually completely understand about the strimmer! They’re lethal! My lawn is small enough to do the edges with kitchen scissors but there’s some made man with protective clothing that strims the footway that runs down to the fields behind me. I stay indoors when he’s around! Glad you had your bit of normality this weekend, and well done if Daniel’s girlfriend really does show him around the laundry at UNI!! Take care, and thank you as always for writing, Love Ali xx

  17. alison keenan October 6, 2010 at 8:27 pm -  Reply

    …..p.s. Lynn I’ve passed on your best to Lucy, in between bursts of laughter…. you must do your pelvic floor exercises!!!! Ali xx

  18. alison keenan October 6, 2010 at 8:32 pm -  Reply

    Dorothy as always, a great mix of things to keep me entertained! Sick – yes I completely understand – infact I defy anyone not to at least heave! The lift scenario…terrifying! For them inside, and you outside waiting! I NEVER use the lifts as work, even though they are glass, for fear I’d get stuck and need to spend a penny with everyone in reception watching!! As for blood, poor Laura. I’m sure once she has children of her own, she’ll get over it, ‘cos we’re the ones that have to brave, right?? 🙂 Lovely to hear from you, and I hope you enjoy reading everyone else’s comments, love Ali xx

  19. alison keenan October 6, 2010 at 8:40 pm -  Reply

    Firstly Una, I do hope you’re feeling better now, and secondly I shall warn Lucy that there is competition out there for Ella in the shape of your little cat! How clever to actually bring the till receipts and put them in your shoe! 🙂 I’m glad he looked after you when you weren’t feeling well. A bit like Willows who if you pick her up, she puts a paw on either shoulder and snuggles you…. Hair in the eyes I sort of get, as it can be as sharp as needles, but more annoying I find if it gets stuck in your lip gloss 🙂 This is all fascinating isn’t it?! My editor told me that bars of soap make her feel ill….!! Trust me she’s a truly lovely person, but I thank heaven for liquid soap dispensers 🙂 Take it easy, and thank you for writing to me, love Ali xxx

  20. alison keenan October 6, 2010 at 8:43 pm -  Reply

    Deborah, am loving the ready brek phobia!!! I actually quite like the taste, but tapioca has the same effect on me. I was forced to eat it when at my junior school, and I can still remember the bobbly bits going down… yuk!! Aeroplane toilets also completely understandable…. the noise when you flush IF you’ve been brave enough to sit down, is enough to make the pilot prepare for landing I always feel 🙂 Great to hear from you and I hope you also enjoy reading how unusual the rest of us are 🙂 Love Ali xx

  21. alison keenan October 6, 2010 at 8:45 pm -  Reply

    ….Oh Deborah, just re read your comment, and nearly gagged at the end! You described a phobia I’d forgotten about… needles in the back of the hand! When they try and put that canular thing in before an anaesthetic, I feel I’ll pass out anyway. It’s such thin skin there! Will have to stop now, feel queasy…. x

  22. alison keenan October 6, 2010 at 8:49 pm -  Reply

    Hi there Lucy!! Give Ella a cuddle for me, and I will make sure I post another photo of her very soon. As for Mel…. that has to be one of the stranger phobias to add to the list – stickers??? That aside, I still think she’s lovely 🙂 Love Ma xxx

  23. alison keenan October 6, 2010 at 8:56 pm -  Reply

    Good for you Louise – weekdays at Uni and home at weekend – sort of like a grown up boarding school 🙂 I bet your family still missed you. I’m sorry to hear that giving blood is a regular occurance for you, and you must have nerves of steel after 5 attempts by the nurse last time! I don’t know if you’ve read another comment by Jane, who recommends you drink as much water as you can before you go as this helps… might be worth a try! Very best of luck and thank you for writing. Take care, Love Ali xx

  24. alison keenan October 6, 2010 at 9:00 pm -  Reply

    Jane you are a hero in my eyes!!! I think they would have had to sedate me to get me back in that hospital! I’ve passed your tip about drinking loads of water on to Louise, who also wrote, as it sounds as though she has a similar problem… I think it could even work for me – a full bladder is wonderful at taking your mind off other things !! 🙂 I think Lucy has probably seen your good wishes, but I will pass them on. Lovely to hear from you, Ali xxxx

  25. Una October 7, 2010 at 9:46 pm -  Reply

    Hi Ali
    have been reading some responses to your blog. My word, we are a strange lot eh!!!??
    I just remembered a pigeon incident that I thought you might find amusing!
    My boss is scared of NOTHING and NO ONE. Or so I thought!!!!!!!!
    Until, one day, he came out of his office looking a bit flustered and not his usual unflappable self. He asked me to go in with him, and I thought, oh no, what have I done now! He just started pointing in the corner, and there it was. The biggest spider I have ever seen. I swear, when it walked, you could actually hear it on the wooden floor. I was ready to turn tail and run, but he was actually sweating by this point and actually couldnt talk (unheard of!!). I could not believe he was terrified of a spider. I got all big and brave, got a plastic cup, and a piece of card and wrestled it under the cup. It was so big, its legs wouldnt even fit in the cup. I hurried through to the front door, and then I couldnt move. He was at the back, getting calmer by the second, but I couldnt open the door. A horrible pigeon was standing just at the side of the door. He was looking at me, as if to say “just get RID OF IT”. I had to say “get rid of the pigeon, THEN I can get rid of the spider”!!!!!! What a pair of eejits!!!! We both had to have a wee sit down after that I can tell you.!!!!!
    Also just remembered. I cant walk on carpet with my bare feet (hence the Birkis) I hate the noise it makes!!!! Between pigeons, barefoot carpet walking, and the people with the big noses, and my hair issues, I have a feeling I may need therapy at some point LOL!!!!!!
    Glad to hear your lot are feeling more healthy this week.
    Lots of love
    Una xxxx

  26. M Davies October 11, 2010 at 10:02 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alison, I always like reading your blog – really cheers me up. Now that I have ‘adopted’ a neighbours cat (he has decided that he wants to stay with me and not his original owner and I have to admit I felt a bit bad, I would be really offended if my pet wanted to live with someone else!)I love to hear about other people’s cats as the world of cats is still rather new to me, having always had pet dogs in our family when I was growing up. I love your story about your cat fetching things. My (adopted!) cat comes to get me when he wants something – I have to follow him and he takes me to it and puts his little white paw on what he wants – the cupboard in the kitchen where I keep his treats, the back door when he wants out, or he looks at his blanket when he wants me to pull it down so he can have a nap! Aren’t they so clever and fun!
    All the best, Mandy

  27. alison keenan October 12, 2010 at 9:42 am -  Reply

    Hi there Susan, and thanks for writing in! Reading about your crunching ice phobia reminds me that I must defrost my freezer!! It also makes me realise that a great many more things than I thought make me feel queasy, although Kiwi fruit is pretty original 🙂 Those foam beads are weird I agree although it’s because they’re static that I find them so annoying… What about finding a hair in your food? Euuuw ! On that note I shall close, but lovely to hear from you and do keep in touch. Love Ali xx

  28. alison keenan October 12, 2010 at 9:46 am -  Reply

    Dear Murphy, Well, I sit corrected!! It sounds as though you have plenty to keep you busy each day, and I clearly managed to take a photograph of you during a rare moment of calm! I believe we are at the height of the mouse hunting season, but I’m glad that you entertain your captors with games in the kitchen: Dodge and Willows merely leave trophies for me to find! Love to all, Ali xx

  29. alison keenan October 12, 2010 at 9:57 am -  Reply

    Mandy your little adopted ‘friend’ sounds delightful! How sweet that he comes to find you when he wants something – they really are quite human aren’t they? We had a cat called Beano for some years and he adopted us. I think he must have been a wild cat but he decided that Jack would be his Dad and spent the rest of his sadly short life, wherever Jack was. He was huge, and I remember if you stroked his fur the trail your fingers made stayed on his tabby back 🙂 Thanks for writing, and do hope all is well with you, Love Ali xx

  30. alison keenan October 12, 2010 at 10:23 am -  Reply

    Una, you’re right it’s fascinating isn’t it!! Your recounting of the ‘spider’ moment is priceless … can’t believe the pigeon chose to stand there when you had an eight legged critter in your grasp! I think I’d have just dropped the spider and run – but would probably have been looking for another job after that 🙂 The bare feet on carpet is similar to my brother’s phobia, and I remembered that I find it very difficult to walk across the wooden slats on a pier!! Perhaps I should employ a psychologist to explain all these weird and wonderful feelings to us – sounds like we both need therapy LOL! Hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. Love Ali xx

  31. adrienne October 12, 2010 at 10:59 am -  Reply

    Hi Alison,I have many many fears.But I really can’t stand hospitals,needles,lifts or when the doctor explains what he’s going to do.Well when I went into hospital to have my twins I had to have so many blood tests,then unexpectantly was rushed to the operating room(by lift!!!)to have emergency caesarrian.So had needle in back of hand and one in my spine!Then they kept asking was I numb enough yet,when I said I didn’t know the doctor said”I hope so cause we’ve already cut you open!” I was then promptly sick on the floor,which is quite difficult when you are lying on your back whilst numb up to your chest!And do you know I’m still scarred of needles.

  32. alison keenan October 14, 2010 at 10:06 am -  Reply

    Oooooh Adrienne, that sounds ghastly!! You poor thing. The needle in the spine isn’t good I agree…. they had to put mine in between contractions – tricky!! Back of the hand though I still feel is worst Aghhh…. All that said, I’m sure the arrival of your twins made it all worth while 🙂 Hope all is well with you, and thanks for writing to me, and reading the blog, Love Ali xx

  33. Kim October 14, 2010 at 10:55 am -  Reply

    HI Ali
    Great blog, as alwayss – yours is always the first one I go to! Hope Lucy is feeling better now after her dose of the lurgi.
    As for strange phobias, mine is – fire engines! Terrified of the things, not so much what they represent, just the things themselves. Think it all stems back to when I was a child, and was frightened by one suddenly rushing past me twice within a week. Am taking my group of Brownies to a fire station next week, too, so wish me luck! {I have done it before, though, so am just telling myself to be brave!}
    Take care,
    Lots of love
    Kim x

  34. alison keenan October 16, 2010 at 5:50 pm -  Reply

    Kim I think you win with the most unusual of phobias!!! Although I do understand that awful sound frightening you witless when you were a child. Now I have to ask you, are a Brown or a Tawny Owl?? I’m sure you’ll do brilliantly when you take your pack with you to the firestation. It’s much easier when you’ve got to be the grown up 🙂 Try and find a friendly fireman, which will make it more fun I’m sure! Yes, Lucy is grand now thank you and thanks too for writing. Very pleased that you enjoy reading these, and I love writing them and reading all your comments so its a win win situation 🙂 Love Ali xx

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