Settling in, posh new beer bar and TSV sneaky-peeks


Welcome flowers and cardsMy little pied-a-terre in London is still a work in progress with a few bits and bobs to sort out to make it finally look and feel a little more homely than the day I moved in. Will reveal a few pics once it’s all how I want it to be. It’s been a crazy month – I can’t believe that I’ve done two house moves in this time. It’s no wonder that I got struck down with an irritating and rather nasty cold last weekend. Must’ve been rundown. A red, runny nose and coughing like a trooper – not the best way to be talking to guests on air, or reading the news.

Hope your week has been exciting and you’re enjoying what seem to be the first promising signs of spring. The sunshine though has been a little bit deceptive. Hands up who’s raced outside thinking it was going to be lovely and hot and who’s been shocked by the bracing winds. I think we’ve got another month or so until the temperatures really pep up and mean business. One good thing to note in the diary though is that on Sunday 30th March (which also happens to be Mother’s Day) the clocks go forward to mark the official start of British Summer Time! YAY!!

I had a super trip to the HQ of Gatineau last week. It’s up in Windsor – a stone’s throw from Her Majesty’s gorgeous castle. As soon as I saw the castle it reminded me of the trip my Mum and I took there, more than 10 years ago now, I think. Maybe it’s time we went back! We’re both a couple of royalists, I think I inherit that from my Mum and the attitude that most people hailing from Jamaica have towards the Royal Family, because the country is part of the Commonwealth. The trip to Gatineau was to see a sneak peak of the Today’s Special Value that’s coming up on Sunday 23rd March. You’ll see that Will posted a photo of it all on his Facebook page last week – a Skin Smoothing Collection. It looks terrific and is just the ticket if you’re seeking a new skincare regime that could take control of your fine lines and wrinkles. I was like a kid in a candy store when I got there – everywhere you moved were stunning displays of Gatineau skincare.

Gatineau Marv's Gatineau facial










Plus the lovely Sam treated me to a luxurious facial. It really was heavenly. So imagine what it will be like recreating that salon superiority at home with this new collection? Well I’ll be with Andrew and Michaela talking your through everything to do with the collection and much much more on In The Salon with Gatineau on Sunday 23rd at 1pm

Pure Bar Longhorn IPA beerAs I type this I’m in the middle of a trip back to Birmingham. I dropped in to see some beer pals of mine. Paul Halsey is the Managing Director of Purity Brewing Co, based on a farm near Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire. I’ve known him ever since I asked him to be part of my very first ladies beer-tasting event almost 4 years ago. The brewery’s ultra popular and the team sell their tasty beers across the UK, with cheeky pump clips and bottle labels. Purity often sponsors comedy and music festivals around the Midlands too. Now Paul’s made his dream come true – opening what I think is a very stylish and chic bar serving Purity beers, other terrific British beers and more from right around the world. Not only that but they also serve tasty food. And the venture is in conjunction with Andreas Antona, the chef-patron of Simpson’s restaurant (one of Birmingham’s few Michelin-starred restaurants). Here’s my first delicious Longhorn IPA beer (a strong dark-golden beer, with a very fruity bite to it) and you can click here for more pictures.

CassettesYou remember I cleared out lots of boxes of old stuff from my childhood days, from Mum’s house. Check out a box of some of my fave old music cassettes I found. Well it was finally time to get to grips with some stuff and throw items out. We’ve by no means tackled it all because there are still boxes everywhere in the Birmingham flat but we had to take much of it down to the local tip.

Also, the buyers for the TomTom 400 sat nav gave me one to try out (which I did on the way to the tip). It’s this Saturday’s Today’s Special Value offer and it really is so easy to use. I did a video of me testing it out on Sunday morning – keep your comments on my driving to yourself. HA HA HA. Hope you can tune in at 2pm and 4pm with me and James where we’ll explain how much the TomTom will change daunting car journeys, into relaxing and easier drives. Once you get one you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


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Where you’ll find me on QVC…

Sat 22nd March
2pm – QVC Selection
4pm – Hi-tech Toys & Electronics
5pm – Accessories by Kipling

Sun 23rd March
9am – 11am Richard Jackson’s Garden
1pm – In the Salon With Gatineau

Friday 28th March
1200 – Midnight launch of a Today’s Special from Women in Control Fashion Separates
0100 – Casual & Co clothing

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  1. Beth Morton March 20, 2014 at 4:09 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marverine,
    Glad to hear and see that you’re settling into your new place. As you say, you’ve had a lot of things going on and two moves within the space of a month is enough for anyone! The first cassette I spotted was Rick Astley – yes I can remember as an 18 year old dancing to “Never Gonna Give you up” or whatever the exact title was!
    I watched the TomTom clip and your driving is fine – shame it couldn’t have helped with the queue though!
    I hadn’t mentioned it before but we had to return our rescue cat – I can’t mention her name (I refer to her as our “Furry Friend”) but I know you very sweetly downloaded one of her photos onto your camera. We fell in love with her at first sight but on reflection, we had v.little or virtually no background info. on her. It turned out she was very traumatised and although we tried to make it work, we had to do what I never in a million years thought I would do but we did return her to the Shelter. I have a framed photo of her and I “talk” to it and wish with all my heart she is ok. The Shelter were not very nice about the situation (the previous owners via them had her for 2 weeks) and so I regret I can’t get an update. I hope this isn’t depressing as you are such a lovely, positive person but as I reply to your blogs, honesty is the best policy.
    We’re visiting my parents on Sunday so don’t think we’ll be at home to see your Gatineau show – ooh, a luxurious facial at their HQ, makes me sleepy thinking about it!
    I’m out tonight with a social group having a Pamper Evening – not quite the same but there’s a mini back massage and a head massage so methinks I may fall asleep at some point!
    Beth XXX.

  2. Marverine Cole March 25, 2014 at 7:51 am -  Reply

    Hi Beth, how did that Pamper Evening go? Sounds like fun. Any pampering: whether you are with friends somewhere or you’re doing something special at home (long hot bath and a favourite drink) is so revitalising, I think. I met up with 4 girlfriends the other Saturday for breakfast in town, we ended up on cocktails at 3pm at a rooftop bar but we were so busy gossiping that it didn’t matter a jot.
    So sorry to hesr your cat wasn’t well enough to stay with you. The centre should’ve thanked you for your honesty in realising that she needed more specialist attention that you could give her. No-one’s fault all, definitely not yours. I guess these centre’s feel the added pressure when that happens because places like that always seem to be operating on limited resources & staff, eh? Don’t worry. Will you get another? Would you consider another rescue cat?
    ps hope you had fun at your parent’s house on Sunday?! Xxx

  3. Carol August 10, 2014 at 6:06 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marvarine. …you know that oi have championed you from the very beginning at qvc but watching you today 10/8/14 I dont like your hairstyle it looks unnatural like a wig also colour clas outfit really doesn’t suit you.
    Still love you

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