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Self-watering bulbs Keep your plants looking their best even when you're away on holiday with these fantastic self-watering bulbs. Here are a few FAQs to help you on your way…

What will I receive?
This set comprises eight glass self-watering bulbs in the following colours: blue, green, red and multi-coloured. There'a large size and a small size in each colour.

How do I use them?
You'll want to place the bulbs in with a plant that has already been watered so that the water in the bulb doesn't get immediately released back into the pot or container.

Just take a small stick or tool, make a hole in the just-watered soil and fill the glass bulb with water. Insert the pointed end of the bulb into the hole and let nature do the rest.

How long will one bulb water my plant for?
This is difficult to specify as it depends on the size of your plant, how dry the soil is, if the plant is inside or outside etc. However, you can put as many of these bulbs in with your plants as you like safe in the knowledge that your plant won't be over-watered as these watering bulbs only feed your plants as they need it.

What size pots are they best in?
These will fit any size of pot in windows, baskets and borders.

Are they suitable for use with outdoor plants?
They work well with indoor plants, outdoor plants and can even be placed directly into your garden soil. However, I recommend bringing them indoors after temperatures hit about 4.5C (40F), which is close to freezing, as they're made from 100% glass which could break in the cold weather.

What happens if the bulb stem gets clogged?
Simply run the bulb stem under hot water until the soil blockage washes away.

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    How do these compare to lechuza planters?

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