Davidge and Linda with their scuba diving certificates This week:
– The quest to fill up the summer with new thangs continues!
– Scuba diving experience – bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briny pool
– Some funnies from a hilarious Northern Nights show for you
– And another top movie recommendation

It's been a hectic week or so again, that's for sure! Still trying to get the finishing touches done on my novel for the critique deadline for the Romantic Novelists' Association new writers' scheme. But I took some time out as a treat for my lovely sister and her husband Davidge, and used one of my many activities vouchers to go for a scuba diving experience at a lovely big pool in Guildford. Have you ever been? Dived on a wreck? Seen a coral reef? What's your best experience been?

Nigel and Debbie with their scuba diving certificates Rocker Nigel came with us too, and we got fully togged up in proper wet suits and flippers to spend an hour breathing underwater and making like a fish. It's an amazing feeling being submerged yet still being able to breathe. Just like Marine Boy – my favourite hero when I was a kid!

I was particularly proud of my sister Linda – she was pretty apprehensive about it all, yet still managed to do a fair bit of diving and kicking around before ducking out a bit early – but only a bit. So how proud was I to see her with her certificate afterwards? I'd love to go to do some diving in open water and maybe do a PADI course at some stage. Any recommendations for where to go? We weren't allowed to take pics poolside sadly – or underwater, but would love to do so at some stage!

Nigel on his Audi R8 driving experience Another little experience this week was a first for Nige too – a month ago I booked him an early birthday present, a passenger driving experience in an Audi R8 which he loved having never been in one before. He said it almost made him want to pass his test and drive one!

It was a rubbish day – one of the many rainy days we've had lately but the car still managed to do some a couple of fast spins around the track that put a big smile on his face. Took all blooming day to get there tho' – Oxford should not seem that far away! But I was proud to have given him a golden moment or two this summer…

The last few things we've arranged in the next few weeks will include a fab trip to do some wakeboarding – will keep you informed!

You're 'avin a larf!!
Having had lots of fun off air, it was a real treat to be on with Susie Adams at the weekend on air, for the Northern Nights 10th Anniversary shows – we had some wonderful bargains, and some real laughs! It's not often I lose it on live TV, but there was one comment Susie made which just cracked me up when we were talking about towels!


Another one below at the bottom for your delight and delectation! And watch out on Bank Holiday Monday night when I'll be back at 8pm with another single hour of fabulous bedding –  it might just happen to have a very temporary bargain so don't miss it!

Also on Monday, I must just tell you that the lovely Sarah Chapman is back with her superb skincare range, making her first appearance on a whole show of her own at 9pm. Her products have had rave reviews in the Beauty Bible, including from Jemma Kidd, and I have to say her day cream with SPF in is one of the most gorgeous day creams I've ever used – highly recommended! Find out more on Monday with Alison Young.

One Day
Now every so often in life, there comes a film that really strikes a chord with you. You know the sort I mean – like 'Bridget Jones Diary', 'Groundhog Day', 'Pretty Woman', 'Working Girl', 'Bridesmaids'… Well I'm now adding 'One Day' to the list.

It's based on the incredibly successful novel by David Nicholls. In February when I was away in Gran Canaria, I was gripped by the story, and couldn't put my Kindle down. Now it's not your typical Mills & Boon romance, that's for sure. But I couldn't wait to see the film. Specially having been recommended to it by a lovely pal I've known for many years, Johnny P.

God, did I boo hoo! Won't give too much away as you might see it – but suffice to say, there are a couple of people in everyone's life I'm sure, who will come to mind when you watch this film. So here's this week's film trailer, and I hope if you go see it, you like it as much as I did! (even getting over the slightly weird accent every so often from Anne Hathaway!). Let me know. A definite eight and three quarters out of ten for me!

If you've been following me on facebook or reading the recent comments on here you'll be aware of why it's particularly poignant! But onwards and upwards as they say! Have a great week and see you soon!

Luv, Debs

P.S. Here's that other funny! Well, Susie laughed!!



  1. Susan August 26, 2011 at 7:56 pm -  Reply

    Lol Debs, you are definately one in a million!! You are hilarious and Susie is fabulous too – great friendship it looks like! Can’t wait to see the film. Will let you know x

  2. Michelle Roberts August 28, 2011 at 3:57 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Enjoyed reading about your scuba diving, I have always fancied having ago at this but I’m a bit scared I would get in to a real panic, how heavy is the equipment and getting into that wet suit, well don’t go there!! I’ve got to master snorkelling first LOL.
    I was a bit sad to read about the romance, but I’m glad you can remain friends,not many of us could do that, I like your saying onwards and upwards!! well done Debs, you are such a positive person, I think that’s why I enjoy reading your blogs so much.
    Just wanted to mention I loved the film One Day the best film I’ve seen in a while, I didn’t see the end coming how sad was that!! Mr Roberts has suddenly shown interest in my Yoga I
    wonder why!! all this based on July the 15th ( bithday) really good film, now I’m going to read the book!!
    Interesting was you thought about the skin care range Sarah Chapman, the day cream sounds nice, think I will take a look at that show, I need all the help I can get with my wrinkles spent far to much of my life out doors with no protection Debs, wasn’t educated back then, so skin not looking it’s best these days plus I’m getting on a bit now LOL
    Any way take care, love to all your dogs.
    Michelle x x

  3. debs f August 31, 2011 at 1:10 am -  Reply

    Susan – yes I love susie – she’s fab! And a real spiritual supportive person – my kinda gal! lol
    ps yes let me know what you fink of film!

  4. debs f August 31, 2011 at 1:15 am -  Reply

    Michelle – glad you loved One Day! Would love to see it again but so many things left to do and see at the mo! I even have a dinner date (not a date date) with a guy I had a huge crush on ten years ago – I won’t be mentioning my love life tho – not till I’m absolutely sure it’s a longer term thing this time! hehe! Yes we’re getting along fab – had a fun meal the other day too, better as mates.
    Do try scuba one day tho – even a little session as a trial. You just have to go with it.
    And thanks for saying you like my positivity – I’ve been cultivating a positive hopeful outlook for years so glad it’s paying off now!
    ps it’s never too late to help your skin! I’d say alpha H might be a good start for you. Or Age Benefit from gatineau if you can stretch to it or get it in a bumper bundle. But for future protection yes give sarah chapman’s beautiful day cream a go – at least your skin’ll be protected more ongoing!

  5. Lou drew October 25, 2011 at 10:05 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Just been watching your Lyla shoe hour, you are FAB, such a sunny dispostion. You asked for people to let you know if they had wide feet etc etc. I have a size3 EEE wide feet and fairly wide calfs and find shopping for shoes and boots impossible. PLEASE PLEASE help by speaking to your buyers. I’m a young 60 and would love to be able to wear comfortable young looking shoes. Why do manufacturers think wide footed people are old and just produce frumpy clumpy designs.
    I’m sooooo glad you came back to QVC you brighten up the company.

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