Scooby’s visit to the ER


Simon's cat Scooby with a bandaged leg It was a bit of a busy week last week with my wife away, one of the kids off with a high fever and five new chickens to get to know.

To cap it all, one of our cats, Scooby, dislocated one of the little bones in his foot, or should that be paw! I don’t know how he did it - probably doing some SAS manoeuvre from the roof! Anyway, after three trips to the vet, an X-ray and a bill the size of some small countries' GDP, he got home. 

He had on the most enormous bandage, like a plaster cast, and was all doped up. The bandage lasted Simon's cat Scooby precisely two minutes as his prime motivation was to find food. As we couldn't keep a bandage on him, he was confined to the house for as long as possible. I let him out yesterday for a hobble and although he's walking on three legs, he seems ok.

The chickens are doing well too and now my wife is back she's suggested that we get four more, two each from two different breeds. I'm a bit reluctant but if I say yes, does that mean I can get a tractor? Has anyone got a remedy if you get egg bound??

Simon X


  1. Sharon Gasparutti June 28, 2009 at 4:54 pm -  Reply

    Hi Simon, sorry to hear about Scooby’s, but hope he’s doing much better now. We currently have a cat Davidson(read Catherine blogs) and that will tell you about our he/she??!!

  2. Julie June 28, 2009 at 6:11 pm -  Reply

    Hiya Simon
    Sorry to hear about Scooby. I do hope he makes a full recovery.
    We have two cats, and with insurance for neither, are out a small fortune too as one of the cats (Willow) has had 6 eye operations to date. Bless her.
    My hubby reckons our cats are cared for better than we care for ourselves !!!!!!

  3. Simon Biagi July 7, 2009 at 6:32 am -  Reply

    Thanks Sharon and Julie. I know that insurance always seems like a waste of money…..until you need it. I must admit the bill for Scooby has been a bit of a surprise but he seems ok now and able put a little weight on his paw. He is also able to chase butterflies so he cant be feeling too bad! My dog Tyra wil be featured sometime soon in a favourite pet poll spot so keep your eyes peeled!
    Simon x

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