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Hi everyone,

I have an update on the Olley household pet situation!
Billy holding Tilly the hamster Billy and I went down to the local garden centre, which has a pet section, to try and decide who was going to be the object of his affections. He fell in love with the rabbits – there was a gorgeous black and white one who had one sticky-up ear and one floppy ear who I have to admit was very appealing. But as Billy is already a teenager, I feel that in a few years time he will have lost interest, and I'll be doing all the work. Not a good plan.

We talked about this with one of the shop girls, and she suggested trying to find a rescue rabbit that was already a few years old and therefore wouldn't live so long. Billy saw the advantage of this compromise and was preparing his arguments to persuade his dad that this was the way forward when he saw the hamsters.

He was hooked. There was a little brown hamster with markings like a chipmunk that seemed to be making eyes at him. As she climbed the bars in her cage she was calling to him – 'Billy… Billy… make me yours!' Tilly the hamster

My comments that she might keep him awake at night with her wheel running, or his initial misgivings that she was too small to cuddle properly, evaporated as he held her for the first time. And that was that.

Billy is now the proud owner of Tilly, who loves pumpkin seeds and broccoli, and doesn't smell half as much as Olley had feared!

And Billy has someone to love.  

Kathy x


  1. Rebecca February 19, 2009 at 10:07 am -  Reply

    Hi Kathy. Olleys little hamster is so cute. I hope he looks well after him and not do what i did at for a little while when i had a hamster. For the first few weeks i really kept on top of cleaning the cage out and then the inevitable happened. It was left to my mum to do. It didn’t last too long though beacuse she told me in no uncertain terms that if i didn’t buck my ideas up that there would be no more pets allowed in the house. Anyway i loved my hamster and when he died i got another one. I think i was about 14/15 at the time. Now my husband and i have a cat and i get lumbered with cleaning out the litter tray. Now i see why my mum wasn’t over the moon about cleaning out the hamster!!!

  2. Kathy Tayler February 23, 2009 at 10:01 pm -  Reply

    Hi Rebecca.
    So far, Billy has been great at cleaning out Tilly’s cage – he even uses the carpet sweeper afterwards to pick up all the spilt shavings!
    It might be a different story in a month or so, but I’ll have to follow your mum’s example if he starts to slack! Billy signed a ‘contract’ promising to do all the dirty work, so pocket money could be stopped if he doesn’t keep to the bargain.
    I have to say, I really enjoy Tilly – she’s a sweet little thing and hasn’t bitten any of us… yet!
    Best wishes

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