Beauty expert Sarah Chapman shares her beauty secrets


Beauty expert Sarah ChapmanSarah Chapman has been kind enough to pop in to QVC this week and answer a few questions about her life as a top facialist and her skincare range – as well as to divulge a few beauty secrets and tips that she's picked up from her 18 years in the industry!

Here she gives us the full scoop on her beauty secrets, her celebrity clients and much more…

Hi Sarah, what do you enjoy most about being a beauty expert?

I’m so lucky to work in an industry that I love and there are so many great things about my work. I love researching new treatment techniques and breakthrough ingredients to see what’s getting the best results and what can really be groundbreaking for the future of skincare. It’s so interesting to see how the industry has and will change based on these advances.

Sarah Chapman in her clinic My clients consistently challenge me to find new ways of treating skincare problems. Every person’s skin is so unique, and helping them achieve perfect skin is why I got into skincare in the first place – creating the perfect canvas and helping those who have confidence issues with their skin.

What are your top three products from the range? 

Sarah Chapman Eye Recovery - 226628 I love my Eye Recovery! It solves all issues around the eyes, and feels light and silky. It’s great for reviving tired eyes and has make-up technology and light reflecting particles so makes an ideal make-up base.

Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial - 226630 Overnight Facial is my hero product. It embodies everything about my range from its super charged high-performance, anti-ageing actives to its natural fragrance and exotic oils. It’s also great to use with another favourite of mine, The Facialift.

Sarah Chapman Facial Massager - 219391 My facial massager is great for giving me a post-facial glow and really relaxes my muscles, perfect for an at-home treatment – although I’m also addicted to my Ultimate Cleanse which is another product that I love using with The Facialift for treatment clean skin!

How would you describe your skincare range in three words? 

High-performance, luxurious, results

Do you have any famous clients? 

Being constantly in front of the camera, there can be a lot of pressure on celebrities to look good, especially with so many red carpet events and film and TV now being HD! Among my clientele I include Queen Rania of Jordan, Naomi Watts, Savannah Miller and Katherine Kelly (Becky from Corrie) to name just a few. I also treat many other high profile actresses and supermodels.

What are your top three tips for keeping skin in good condition? 

1. Cleanse! Cleanse! Cleanse! A stage which is often underestimated in our regimes and can make an astonishing difference to your skin. Spending a few minutes really massaging your cleanser in twice a day can work wonders.

2. Skin can get clogged by make-up, sebum and the daily grind and appear dull and lifeless. Deep cleaning brightens and unclogs the skin, reducing breakouts and restoring your luminosity. A clearer, clean skin also allows your other products to be absorbed into the skin easier, allowing them to perform better.

3. Don’t neglect your diet – this can have a huge effect on your skin! Make sure you eat lots of green vegetables and oily fish, or supplement with omega oils or flaxseed oils (a great vegetarian alternative). These essential fats help lock moisture in your skin, fend off dehydration, and keep skin dewy, fresh and healthy-looking.

What are your tips for recreating a facial at home?

Steam your face before or during your cleanser application to open up the pores and allow the product to sink in deeper. You can do this easily when you’re in the shower or lazing in the bath.

A home massage can be easily achieved as well for a salon-like experience: drum your fingers around the eye area to help aid drainage and puffiness in this area, hold your hands in loose knuckles and roll around the cheeks, jawline and neck.

My Facialift massager was especially designed to recreate these types of movements and is great for use with your cleanser or night creams to work these products deeper into your skin, enhancing their benefits, while giving you a great home massage.

Tune in on Monday 29th August at 9pm for Sarah Chapman's show

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