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Ever wondered just what an average day is like for celebs? We sat down with our Brand Ambassador Ruth Langsford to find out what it looks like for her…

“My work and home lives are definitely very different. My job is considered to be very glamorous – with stylists and make-up and celebrities – which it is, but I do get a lot of help! My weekends however are all about being at home with family, so it’s a much more casual life.

On a typical work day I have a very early start. I always wash and dry my own hair before I leave, because I really don’t have time to do that when I get to work. I’m also a person that doesn’t like to rush in the mornings, I like to have a cup of tea, let the dog out, have a little mooch about and I always put the news on at 6 so I know what’s going on.

My days are usually very busy as I often have to go on to another job after This Morning or Loose Women. I might be going on to a photo shoot, or filming, or coming here to QVC. I’m always thinking ahead about what I need to take with me – perhaps a change of clothes or jewellery – I have a constant ‘to-do list’ going on in my head.

Leaving in the morningMake-up room and rollers


I live in Surrey so I have to leave at about 6.45am to get to the studios and miss all the rush hour traffic, otherwise it would take hours. I’m driven to work which is very nice, and that frees me up to read the papers, listen to the news, or read my guest briefs. If I’m on Loose Women, often a lot of our discussion will come from the day’s news, and obviously This Morning is even more news reactive so I have to know what’s going on.

When I get to the studios, I go to make-up where my hair gets put into rollers – I have limp hair that takes lots of blow-drying, so as its washed already, the rollers just give it a bit of a boost. At Loose Women we all gather in the dressing room, and that’s where we decide what we’re going to talk about on that day. This could come from something we saw on TV or online, or a story one of us might have read in the paper, or even from someone coming in and talking about something that really annoyed them that morning! We also have breakfast then, you can order from the canteen, but I usually take my own. Most days that will be a green juice that I make myself and hard boiled eggs with turkey slices and mini tomatoes – all very healthy! I do succumb to the odd croissant though!

Healthy breakfast

This Morning is slightly different as we’re on earlier – so whilst I’m having make-up done, the production team all troop into the make-up room, and we discuss what’s on the show, the guests, whether someone’s dropped out, or whatever big news story has broken. Someone often has to pop to the canteen for me if I don’t have breakfast with me – so I’m eating, having make-up done and having a production meeting at the same time! After the show we have a de-brief when we discuss the show, what we liked, didn’t like, what worked, who we might like to have back, maybe technical things that went wrong, then we all go home. 


I usually leave the studios around 2-ish and if I’m going somewhere else, I’ll grab some food in a takeaway carton from the canteen (which is very good) and eat on my way to my next job, because I’m a woman who definitely needs to eat!

Often I’ll be doing two jobs in one day. I might be doing a corporate event, coming to QVC to choose clothes for the next show, working on development for my range, working on another show or be guesting on something. So it’s very rare that I do one job and just go home. If I’m not going to another job, I’ll be doing ‘life maintenance’, like going to the dentist or having my roots and nails done!


Weekend Ruth

Because I’m very busy during the week, with early starts and so much going on, I’m very protective of my weekends. I try not to work then although occasionally it can’t be helped. At home I’m very much just mum – so I’m very casual and dressed down on the weekends, in jeans and T-shirts with no make-up. I’m often just the taxi driver, with the dog and my son and various hockey and football kits. We also try to get together with friends and family on weekends. So we’ll meet up on Saturday evenings or go for brunch or lunch on Sundays.”

Keep an eye out for more from Ruth very soon. Until then, take a look at her fashion range.

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  1. Maureen August 4, 2017 at 5:37 pm -  Reply

    I am not a fan of hers. Never watch QVC when she is on.

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