Rosie’s new game


Rosie the dogI'm not sure if it's been brought on by the change in the weather but Rosie, our dog, seems to have developed a touch of arthritis. She was ambling along very slowly on our walk on Monday, so when she wasn't any better the next day I took her to the vet where Rosie was prescribed some anti-inflammatory treatment, as well as a week of rest.

Since then, she's made a rapid recovery and has now developed a new game with me. Going upstairs is no problem for her but going downstairs is a struggle, as it's her back legs that are giving her the trouble. So she happily makes her way upstairs and waits there for me to carry her back down. Once I've done this, she runs upstairs again, wagging her tail and waits to be carried down again! It's more tiring for me than digging the garden!

Talking of gardening, I'm in the midst of the big autumn tidy-up, digging out the summer bedding and planting up empty patches with violas (which I find tougher than winter pansies) and spring bulbs. Although we had some rain the other day, the ground is still pretty dry so everything is getting a good watering after planting. I'm clearing the greenhouse tomatoes out too, and placing the remaining green tomatoes next to a bunch of bananas to speed up their ripening. Any that don't ripen will be turned into green tomato chutney!

Happy gardening

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