Rising early to make pancakes for breakfast


Thanks so much to all of you who wrote with your comments about Banoffee Pie last week – makes my mouth water just to write the words – but I'm now far wiser as to the ways and means of making one and am under duress to get into the kitchen and 'whip one up'!

So far I've managed to abstain… that said I did have my friends for supper last night and made Strawberry Flim Flam – which I believe to the same as Eaton Mess just with strawberries… (plus, crushed meringue and whipped cream) Delicious! 

Something else that was delicious were the pancakes we had for Pancake Day last Tuesday. I've been making them for the children for as long as I can remember, and we usually have them for pudding in the evening. But this year my daughter Lucy requested that I made them for breakfast instead, which was a little strange 'cos she's the only one of my three who doesn't normally eat breakfast.

But, never one to turn down a challenge, I set my alarm that night, and with its jarring tone literally ringing in my ears, stumbled downstairs after what felt like a very short amount of time in bed.

Perhaps it's just me, but I don't seem very well co-ordinated in the mornings. Trying to mix the batter, warm the plates, slice the lemons, and then toss the pancakes was a real struggle and when I put the eggshells in my pocket rather than the bin I knew I was in trouble! All that said it made me smile to see my three heading off to work, college and school with a warm pancake or three inside them.

Love Ali xx

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