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Pink dahliasReturning from a week’s holiday, it’s good to see how well everything is growing in the garden. My wigwam of sweet peas is also coming into bloom and the young delphinium plants (‘Centurion White’) must have doubled in size whilst I was away.

My pots of patio dahlias (left) are a picture and to my excitement, the Claire Austin peonies are also about to burst into show-stopping flower.

Thank goodness I’d sprinkled my special Slug and Snail Control pellets around the plants before I went. Vulnerable plants like the delphiniums, dahlias and petunias, were unscathed despite the wet weather (which has meant a huge rise in slugs and snails).

These pellets, based on naturally occurring ferric phosphate, work differently from the normal metaldehyde pellets sold in garden centres. Slugs and snails eat individual pellets and then go underground, so you don’t see any horrible slime trails or dead bodies.

So for gardeners not used to these safer and better pellets, it can be difficult to tell how well they are working. If the pellets are disappearing and the plants are untouched, then the pellets are doing their job. And they are much safer too…for us, birds, pets, hedgehogs and earthworms. It’s also reassuring to know that they are approved for organic gardening too.

This weekend, I’ve no shows on QVC so I can spend more time in the garden. I’m planning to plant some more veg, give the lawn a boost feed with Lawn Magic, start feeding my tomatoes with Flower Power (now that the first trusses have started to set) as well as planting up the last of my summer pots.

I’ve chosen begonias for these pots as the plants will flourish whatever the weather. I’m playing safe as I’ve just seen the long term forecast!

Happy gardening,


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