Brightening my bedroom with Monday’s TSV in red!


TSV comforter set on Jilly's bed

My red phase reached new heights this week as I was asked to choose a sample of Monday's Today's Special Value to try out at home, so I went for red on the bed!

You have probably heard me say on air that I have always had white linens on the bed until we moved house and I was determined to try someting different.

Now I am really into all the taupe and stone colours but have never tried anything as bold as red. I must admit that when I first opened the packaging I actually wasn't sure, but on the bed it looks amazing and has seriously transformed the whole room.

Our bedroom is way down the list of priorities so hasn't been touched since we moved in but I now have a very glamorous boudoir!

In other news…

Well, we have been having a great time off school and after having a few days staying in our pyjamas until well into the afternoon, we have started to get out and about a bit more.

We had a surprisingly fun day at Lakeside shopping Centre, which would definitely not be the children's first choice for a day out, but it was great. There is a really good soft indoor play center, which even has a football area for the older ones but what we really enjoyed was the activities on the lake.

We started off with a rather sedate half hour on the swan boats, which were like pedalos, and then booked a speedboat trip, which was brilliant, especially as our driver steered us through the fountain on the lake. The kids thought it was awesome.

We also saw the Toy Story 3, which exceeded all expectations and was utterly brilliant. Thank goodness I had my 3D glasses on as I was weeping ridiculously at one point, which caught me slightly unawares and I had to seriously pull myself together.

Make sure you join me on Monday 9th August to find out more about our great bedding Today's Special Value offer.

Take care,



  1. Susan August 6, 2010 at 7:38 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jilly,
    Glamorous boudouir indeed! Lovely. Bet it’s so comfy too. I love the naturals also I have to say. Then you can add colour if you want. The speedboat sounds wet I think!!! And on the Toy Story 3 – can’t wait to see it & I’ve heard lots of reports of the weeping! I’ll be prepared!!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Susan x
    PS Love the photo of your little Cassidy on Debbie’s blog!

  2. sylvia August 9, 2010 at 3:04 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jilly
    My goodness,you have got the red bug I think.I don,t know about you but I bought a new 3 piece red suite last year and totally regret it.I dont know what possessed me because I cant stand looking at it now.My hubbie says I will have to keep it for a few more years.Oh well you live and learn.I just wish I had listened to my dear mum who always said dont buy red.Mums always know best.I hope you dont feel like I do.Take Care.X

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