Real men moisturise too… don’t they?


Miceal with his moisturiser So here's the thing, I was at dinner with some friends recently (it was another 40th birthday dinner – there seems to be a lot of those at the moment!) and during the course of some casual conversation, skincare came up.

As the girls in the group were talking, I asked them about what products they used (well as a QVC presenter, I've been told that research is important!). Anyway, as you can imagine most of the men in the group weren't really joining in the conversation, but then on hearing a particular brand of a moisturiser being mentioned, one of the blokes chirped up – "I use that one".

Now at this point, you might imagine that the other guys in the group would decide this was something not entirely masculine, but on the contrary. All the guys started chipping in about what they like to use after they shave or after they've been training. It was actually the girls in the group who started to laugh at the guys for using moisturiser on their skin, suggesting, shall we say, that such practices were, at best, unmanly if not downright girly, not to mention questionable!!

Now we all like to look good, both guys and girls and we all like to feel comfortable, and that is what using moisturiser does for your skin. If you think about it, as men we sweat more than girls, we play rough whether it's through sports or training and we drag a sharp blade across our faces every day of our lives. After all that I ask you, doesn't our skin deserve a little bit of TLC?

So I am asking you ladies (or even the guys out there too), which camp are you in? Do real men moisturise too or should all that moisturising malarky be left firmly with the women?

I would be truly interested to hear your thoughts.

(Ali Young if you are reading this, I think I can safely safe that I already know what your response would be to this!)



  1. una June 29, 2011 at 9:09 am -  Reply

    Yep, they do use beauty products. Us women spend HOURS doing beauty routines, so why not? Nice that men make the effort too, I got my husband started on Elemis about 4 years ago, and he says I MAKE him use it, but secretly, he loves it.
    OOOOOH, you will be in big trouble if Keeley from Elemis sees that photo!! You dont dot the product on, you use far too much, warm it in your hands first, THEN massage it in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Una x

  2. Risa Walker July 1, 2011 at 3:02 pm -  Reply

    Everyone has skin so you should look after it 🙂

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