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Ralph Rossini (Honora Pearls) Hi, Ralph Rossini from Honora here,

Considering that it's the season for giving, we at Honora can think of no better way to end the year than by helping QVC to give back during their QVC Cares event today.

We were honoured to be asked to participate and have partnered with a truly important organisation, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. The CF Trust is dedicated to funding research and treatment for one of the most common life-threatening, inherited diseases in the UK.  

On a personal note, I had my own scare with cystic fibrosis a few years back. When my son Jason was born he kept getting these severe chest infections. At one point, one of the doctors suggested that he could have cystic fibrosis. At the time, I knew little about CF, but as a worried father, I immediately started researching.

To be honest, I was shocked to learn the severity of it. I didn't even realise the extent to which it is a life-threatening disease. We all got tested and it was one of the most frightening weeks of my life. We were fortunate and were told that Jason did not have it. Obviously I was relieved, but the experience stayed with me and I thought of all the parents who didn't get the good news that we did.  

Then in October, I received a touching note through through one of our QVC UK viewers from a gentleman whose grandson suffers from cystic fibrosis. He told me all about the impressive work he and his family have done to help raise funds and suggested that we partner with CF Trust for our upcoming event.

I was so taken with the dedication that his family has shown to the cause by climbing three mountains and running the New York Marathon, all in the name of cystic fibrosis. Everything from the letter, to the prevalence of the disease in the UK, and my personal experiences with my son, made it clear that cystic fibrosis was the right cause. Considering CF Trust's standing as the UK's only national charity dealing with all aspects of cystic fibrosis, they were the logical choice as our partner for the QVC Cares event.

I'm really looking forward to today as Honora works alongside many of QVC's biggest brands to do our part for charity. QVC Cares is not just about a few special items, it's a day long event for several great causes.

In fact, every purchase from all three of our hours will help raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. I hope that you shop with us at 1pm, 5pm and 11pm or visit Cystic Fibrosis Trust's website and leave a donation to this exceptional organisation.

Happy Holiday's from all of us here at Honora! Thank you for an exceptional 2010, we look forward to ending it on a high note with the QVC Cares event and cannot wait for all the surprises we have in store for you in 2011.



  1. PAMELA MALLABURN December 22, 2010 at 8:11 pm -  Reply

    Thank you Ralph for your beautiful pearls they mean so much to me.I had a beautiful long white pearl necklace with silver stations which I loved and cherished however I was badly injured when I was attacked and when my necklace was returned by the police badly damaged.I found it so difficult to admire pearls again until I saw your rondell graduated white pearl necklace for less than £80 what a healing product, love it everyone says that I glow when I wear it and today I have recieved the matching bracelet which has been out of stock for so long for my birthday.Whilst I am still healing physically! Your pearls have done so much healing mentally and I feel when I wear them a strength as hard and durable as the pearls themselves!’Thankyou’ Ralph, seems such a small word but it means to me, moving on and enjoying life and beautiful things such as treats like Honora pearls because life as I found can be cut short so quickly and suddenly that even seeing a rainbow in a pearl is so precious!Take care happy holidays for you and your family not forgetting all your staff!Best Wishes Pamela

  2. sharmila chowdhury March 10, 2011 at 6:05 pm -  Reply

    Hi Ralph
    Bought 2 of the white 11m Rondel pearl bracelets. They are gorgeous. Please can we have a long length of Rondel necklace in this size and/or a double row in this size of Rondel.

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