Ralph, classic cars and a fab new jewellery range


Debbie with Ralph Rossini from Honora Pearls In this week's blog…
-    Ralph woos the laydeeez - again!
-    The annual classic car fest at the local fete
-    Look out for a fab new jewellery range on Friday 2nd September

Well one of my highlights on air over the past week has been being back on with Ralph from Honora – in the pic you can see the Today's Special Value bracelet set, which I'd been wearing in the cream colour for a few days prior – it sold out early in the day!

Ralph stayed on afterwards to chat to me about life, love and relationships, and he was most amused to see some of your comments left on my Facebook account – many people saying how they loved his jewellery but more saying how they loved him! Lol. He's just a lovely guy and his jewellery's mahhvellous dahlink!

Kevin with a fine selection of classic cars Also managed to catch up with a friend of mine, Kevin the composer, at the annual Wotton Classic Car fest at the local village fete. If you're a regular, you may recall the short video about it on my blog this time last year! I just love classic cars – I'd get one if I could decide how to look after it, and if my garage wasn't so full of rubbish that I could store it in there!

Inside one of the classic cars Looking at the above it'd probably be the 'gangster-like' American one. The dashboards are so plain and uncluttered – how different from today! No headrests either – and I know the suspension would leave a lot to be desired! But they make me smile to look at them, so maybe one day! In fact, I'm getting a new car this week, specifically because of the suspension in my B class Merc not being up to scratch' so maybe I'll stay just looking at them!

THAT manuscript! This week I finally got my manuscript off to the Romantic Novelists' Association New Writers' Scheme. It's this thick! All my own work – well, with a little guidance from some learned friends and several courses and conferences over the last two years! I finally worked out how my heroine Sadie gets together with the hero Mac, and live happily ever after.

If only real life were like that eh! Real life is more like 'live happily ever after apart from several ups and downs and a lot of hard work not forgetting compromise and dedication'! lol. Now I just have to wait a month or two to hear from the kind 'reader' whom they give it to, to do the critique – exciting tho' – have heard great things about their service. Then I change it and resubmit it – and possibly start sending it out to publishers (Mills & Boon first, of course).

In my own real life, I continue to stay good pals with Nigel – we always work well as friends – including his birthday soon for which I've booked that wakeboarding voucher. Oooo – am nervous about that – never done it before. My last experience of trying to skim across water was attempting to waterski off the back of a jetski in Gambia.

Never got much more than shoulder-height out of the water, so THAT didn't work! Any tips for how to do it? If so let me know – soon! Maybe the 'cable' they use to tow us round the lake on Sunday will be a more effective way of getting me up and running. Well, up and wakeboarding… Will let you know next week!

Big hugs

P.S. Watch out for a new jewellery range I'm premiering on Friday – Orit Schatzman as part of the Jovella Israeli jewellery event. I'm standing in for Catherine who's still a bit poorly, so get well soon to her – leave her a message on her blog if you can.

I'm also now doing Tuesday night at midnight, with a new lingerie range – so join me for that too if you can!


  1. Michelle Roberts September 4, 2011 at 8:01 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs, I have to confess I have never bought any of Ralph’ lovely pearls, I have watched lots of the shows but never got round to buying, not because I don’t like them, but we are so spolit for choice on QVC my money won’t stretch that far, how ever I am a Hugh Lola Rose and Butler and Wilson fan, but I think when he returns to QVC I think I will buy them as gifts, dare I mention Christmas, NO not before my holiday!!!
    Gosh you have worked hard on your book, you so deserve for it to be successful Debs, I for one will keep my fingers crossed for you.
    Just turned QVC on and guess what just bought 2 fleece jumpers from the Trespass range I live in these where them day in and day out all through the year, No wonder I never have any money!!
    Very nice to hear you and Nigel are still friends, Can I say I’ve never heard of Wake Boarding so really looking forward to the next blog.
    Debs I would have paid good money to watch you waterski LOL you are so brave to try these things.
    Have a good week.
    Big hugs to the pogs and you!!
    Michelle x x x

  2. Lisa September 5, 2011 at 11:29 pm -  Reply

    Hello lovely Debs – Just wanted to say you are my favourite presenter by far and sorry to hear you split with your fella. Take some advice my wonderful grannie once gave me – “The best way to get over a man is to get under one!!!” She was hilarious – hope that made you laugh, onwards & upwards the best is yet to come. Lots of love, Lisa. X

  3. Michelle Roberts September 6, 2011 at 11:47 am -  Reply

    Hi Lisa, I know your blog was to Debbie, so I hope you don’t mind me making a comment but you so made me laugh, What a grannie!!!
    Take care

  4. Lisa September 6, 2011 at 7:39 pm -  Reply

    Thanks Michelle – well we’ve all been there haven’t we, I have and my grannie certainly had, she was quite a girl in her day. I could write a book (or two) about her many love affairs – she was like a cross between Elizabeth Taylor and Barbara Cartland, with a dash of Lady GaGa thrown in!!! The problem us single girls have is finding men as fabulous as we are, but we have to keep up the search (I am internet dating in my search for Mr Right), well it would be rude not to, so far I’ve met Mr Halitosis, Mr Dull and Mr Rude-to-Waiters so I know it’s just a matter of time before Mr George Clooney turns up! Happy dating and a big shout out to all the single girls out there! Lisa. X

  5. Louise September 7, 2011 at 7:58 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    Couple of weeks, no speaks! Been off work on hols for two weeks; absolutely bored stiff by day one! But, as usual when you’re due to go back, I feel like being at home.
    Been reading your comment about writing a book about your grannie’s life etc. Same here. My nana had such an eventful life, 13 kids, numerous loves, worked hard all her life to support her family along with my pop. Kids today – that’s unfair, some of them I should say – are happy to have kids in order to get a house and benefits and work is alien to them. Not in my nana’s day. There is so much material from her 87 years – she passed away on millenium day – to pen a couple of hefty tomes!
    Hope I’m not speaking out of turn, but are you and Nigel no longer an item romantically? Whether or not you are, don’t you think being friends is more important?
    Can I just reiterate the validity and relevance of QVC’s 30 day MBG? I have the recent acer laptop bluray tsv – brilliant piece of technology – but, prior to getting that I bought the acer netbook from QVC. It didn’t live up to my expectations and because it was performing quite slowly, I returned it for a full refund. Was I glad of that MBG? This is one of the reasons I patronise QVC. Before I realised how dire ideal world’s CS is, I bought a bag which, within a month, developed a broken strap, aka a fault! They told me my MBG period had expired. Never have had or, I am confident, will have such a problem with QVC.
    Gracie still behaving herself? And the rest of your brood? I normally don’t feed Osc and Cas anything but natural treats so they were drooling when they saw a couple of slices of turkey in my vegetarian mitts.(The sacrifices I make for my babies!). Very politely, Cas took his; Osc nearly took the end of my finger off! He didn’t mean it and was soooo well behaved when I gave him another piece. Don’t think it touched the sides, though.
    Watching Lola Rose right now; I love her bracelets and the coffee Alfie one is my favourite. Being petite, the more daring pieces, although I would like to be able to wear them, would look quite ridiculous on me,so I have to make my selections very carefully. Incidentally, what is the tsv bracelet all the presenters are wearing? Just looking at the Bridie necklace, that’s a good size for me, even though it’s chunky. I’ll be watching you on with Nicki at 11. Hopefully, we’ll have a oto.
    Take care and speak soon.

  6. Louise September 7, 2011 at 7:59 pm -  Reply

    Sorry, Debs, it’s 10 o’clock!
    I’m still Louise – I think!

  7. Louise September 7, 2011 at 8:02 pm -  Reply

    Re Lisa’s post: the best way to get over a man is to get under one – brilliant! I take it you mean a different man?

  8. debs f September 8, 2011 at 2:33 am -  Reply

    Hey girls – how lovely to see you having a banter! It’s like Michelle and Caz J on my facebook page too! hehe!

  9. debs f September 8, 2011 at 2:35 am -  Reply

    Michelle –
    yes we’re surviving as pals for sure! Wakeboarding was ace – had fab meal at a restaurant in Battersea for his birthday too. Delicious food – see next blog!

  10. debs f September 8, 2011 at 2:41 am -  Reply

    Lisa! how flipping funny is that! You’e hilarious! Tell me more about the internet dating! I’m considering it, I must admit, when I’m ready – need to get Mr N out of my system first… I did do a little in 2002 – ended up with a guy in San Di-blinking-aygo!! THAT didn’t last long! I know I get offers via various places, including facebook, but I’m rubbish with first impressions and always need to meet people first, so I know what you mean about dating trials and tribulations! Maybe I’ll go look for a good ‘dinner club’ – I’ve heard they’re quite fruitful for meeting the right kind of person! Other than that, I’m now holding on for my hero! Got to be as attractive as Nigel – or more so – haha! And as good conversationally as another near-miss called Michael, and as successful and determined as a lucky escape called Matt! hehe! Actually I’m working on a new idea which I might keep you all informed about at some stage – based on the six degrees of separation – maybe I should enlist the help of some willing single girlies who read this blog regularly eh? Any volunteers?

  11. debs f September 8, 2011 at 4:47 pm -  Reply

    Blinking heck Louise!! Talk about prolific! Thanks for your comprehensive updates hon – bless ya and glad you had a good hol. No I’m not ‘with’ Nige any more – he wasn’t a keeper sadly, as they say, but friends is good.
    Glad you liked your Lola Rose – it was a fun show as ever.
    The bracelet we’ve all been wearing will be on at the end of September I think – it’s quite a trendy look at the moment I’m told! I love my turquoise colour one.
    look out for it!

  12. Lisa September 8, 2011 at 7:39 pm -  Reply

    Hello Debs – thanks for your reply, it was fab to hear from you. I’ve been internet dating all this year – it was my resolution on turning 42, as I was getting bored of singledom! So far I have had over 50 dates in 2011!!! (Yes you read that right – what a fun night we’d have telling you my dating stories over a bottle of prosecco!!!). Dating is a number’s game in my view and although I admit I am quite picky, I think when you get over 40 dating is a different game and you have to go into it with the right attitude, ie a mixture of optimism and realism. I think my darling grannie’s advice to ‘get over a man by getting under one (and she DID mean a different man than the one you split with by the way!) was right, she was saying it tongue in cheek of course but her point was sound, when you’re nursing a broken heart it does no harm to get back in the saddle quickly and get dating again. It reassures you there are lots more men out there (only a fraction of whom will be right for you of course), but it reminds you its a big world of endless possibilities and you are gorgeous and any man would be lottery-winner lucky to have you! Please indulge me once more while I pass on another of my grannie’s pearls of wisdom: “It’s not the way a man looks – it’s how he looks at YOU”. I had cause to reflect on this after divorcing my good looking husband after a very unhappy (and short) marriage… I am not so quick to judge a book by its cover now, a man becomes sexy to you when you get to know him, I now realise it is far more about their personality, the twinkle in their eye, how much they prioritise your feelings and care about YOU etc, than their looks. Kindness is the crucial quality I look for in a man now – far more appealing than any six pack! I’ll keep you posted on my dating adventures… Stay strong girls and stay choosy! Lisa. X

  13. Lisa September 8, 2011 at 8:08 pm -  Reply

    Just wanted to add, my Grannie lived an eventful and occasionally very glamorous life and she left me some stunning fine jewellery from her many trips around the world and a few beautiful mink coats which I can never wear as I disagree with real fur (but they hang in my wardrobe and if I ever want to be reminded of grannie’s glamour, I give them a guilty stroke!) But the biggest legacy grannie left me was a sense of humour, self esteem and a resounding joy & gratitude at having being born a girl! I love you Florence! X PS Debs – please count me in for your ‘six degrees of separation’ experiment, I am intrigued!!! X

  14. Paulette Graham September 14, 2011 at 9:09 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    You can count me in on your “Six degrees of Seperation” test – Goodness I’m up for anything really 🙂

  15. debs f September 17, 2011 at 11:17 pm -  Reply

    SO – that’s Lisa and Paulette then, so far , for my ‘six degrees of separation’ dating experiment, yes? Any other takers?

  16. Sandra April 19, 2012 at 1:27 am -  Reply

    It’s funny what we remember. My mmeroy goes something like this:What I usually take the huff at is not that I’m losing although, I have to admit that I do like to win! it’s that I discover that others are cheating!The conversation usually goes like this:Them: No, it’s fine those are the rules we always play! Me: No! That’s cheating! You can’t change the rules half-way through a game Them: You’re only cross cos you’re losing! Me: No! I’m cross because you’re CHEATING! Them: It’s not cheating, it’s house rules! Me: Yeah, house rules that you are introducing half-way through a game! Them: Yeah Me: Well, you can’t do that! Them: I just did. Me: But that’s unfair. Them: It’s only unfair on *you* because you’re losing! Me: It’s still unfair And so we end up finishing games early because a) I don’t like playing with folks who change the rules half-way through a game, and b) they think I’m a bad loser.The truth is probably somewhere in between.

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