It’s been quite a week!


Working at QVC is always interesting, and one of my favourite parts is working with our guests, many of whom are good friends. Its also very exciting when the celebrity guests come in and even if I don’t get to present shows with them, it’s a great pleasure just saying hello (I guess I must be a bit of celebrity junkie!).


This last week had been particularly bountious for me as we have been awash with the red carpert contingent. We had Alfie Boe singing live on the Morning show with Kathy and I, and Katherine Jenkins sang live too just a few days later (they are both very charming and absolutely lovely to have in the studio).

Katherine JenkinsJoan Collins was in, with Pippa, and I am in awe! She looks amazing and I can’t believe it’s been 33 years since she first appeared on Dynasty!

Kathy and I enjoyed getting Christmassy for our Christmas home – Morning Show, and then Donny Osmond came in! The first record I ever bought was ‘Crazy Horses’ by the Osmonds and actually, when I was in my early teens, some people said I looked a little like Donny.

I always protested but secretly I thought it was pretty cool! He seems a very charming man, but I didn’t get the chance to meet him as the studio seemed particularly busy…… with women ( I don’t know why?!).JoanCollins


Well, what a week! Still each new week brings more, so I wonder whats in store?

Simon X

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