07 May 2014

Ask our models for their top tips!

Deborah Ann tells us about how she dresses for comfortThe backstage team have recently sat down with a handful of our catwalk models to create a selection of short videos that will be used in Kathy's Morning Style shows on Wednesdays, with the aim of giving you some insider information on how to look and feel like a fab fashion model!

We asked them all sorts of questions, including how they dress for their body shape, their favourite outfits and accessories, how they make trends work for them, and how to get a picture-perfect pose.

Check them out below! After the first video has finished, the next one will automatically start.


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We've picked out just seven to share with you here, but there's loads more that you'll be able to see by tuning in.

We know we haven't been able to cover absolutely everything, so now we've giving you the chance to ask the questions!

Want to know the best colours for your skintone? Is there a particular part of your body that you want to divert attention away from? Wondering what sort of dress is best suited to your body shape?

Leave your questions in the comments below, and we'll film as many answers as we can with our models to share with everyone in a blog next month!


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Great to hear from the QVC models.They are all great and giving us their tips for looking good is something I have always wanted.I wanted to ask Joy how she keeps her skin looking so soft and glowing.

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Love to know how to dress for a curvy figure with a short waist.

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Deborah Ann is divine! <3

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If we can see these videos, please make the videos of the items sold on here compatible with the iPad which you also sell. You're rally missing a trick here so hope you get on with it soon

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Three questions please:

1. With a big bust I've spent a lifetime in v necks. I don't really want to show off my decolletage so what's the best tips for minimising the bust discretely.
2. Linked to number 1....how can I wear scarves without feeling like an over stuffed turkey?
3. Like the previous person's comment....I'd love to know what top Deborah Ann is wearing, it's so me! :)

Many thanks.

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Love the videos - keep them coming please!

Two questions of the models please:
1) the silhouettes of QVC models always look so smooth and sleek with no sign of their underwear. Do they wear a particular style or brand of underwear? Please share your secrets!
2) would Deborah Ann share the details of her lovely lovely top in the video?

Thank you

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