21 April 2014

Will puts your questions to Philip Kingsley himself

Will Gowing

Philip Kingsley is one of the world's most respected authorities on hair and scalp health. He has over 55 years of trichological experience!

Philip is called the 'Hair Doctor' by the Sunday Times, he has written many publications and has provided solutions for the most extreme hair and scalp problems.

This Thursday (24th April) the Philip Kingsley team will be celebrating their 9th anniversary with us here at QVC, you can watch our special LIVE programmes at 10am, 5pm and 11pm. 

I recently visited Philip's Mayfair clinic to put YOUR questions to Philip and his daughter Anabel Kingsley...

Philip Kingsley talks about post-pregnancy hair...


[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube's Help page

Anabel Kingsley talks diet & hair... 


Philip Kingsley's advice for weak hair & sensitive scalps... 


Anabel Kingsley on greasy roots with dry ends... 


Philip's advice for giving body to thinning hair...


Don't miss Philip Kingsley's special 9th anniversary shows this Thursday (24th April) LIVE on QVC at 10am, 5pm and 11pm.

You can watch more of my QVC videos by 'Liking' Facebook.com/WillGowingTV or by 'Following' @WillGowing on Twitter! 

See you soon,



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I am using the extreme elastizer and noticed very bad breakage. Would this suggest I am protein sensative?

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I use Philip Kingsley products every day and love them. I recently started taking the PK4 supplements and would like to know if I can open the capsules and sprinkle on food as they are rather large. Many thanks from Antonella xxx

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I really like Philip Kingsley products and have ordered various products, however, always have a problem with using the dispenser/ tops. I thought it was just me being useless but I have a friend who has exactly the same problem. I have quite a large bottle of shampoo and the first time I used it I broke the top off completely which making using it a messy process now. Help !

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