02 March 2014

Sneak a peek at Wednesday's Skechers offer

Skechers GoWalk PremiereWe've got a fabulous Skechers Today's Special Value offer coming up on Wednesday, with these GoWalk Premiere slip-on trainers that are exclusively available from QVC.

Coming in a choice of five colours, GoWalk Premieres have an all-over mesh finish with leather inserts, and false lace details in a complementary ribbon. Inside, the OrthaLite sock lining means you'll get extra grip if you decide to wear them without socks.

With a flexible rubber traction sole and a shock-absorbing, supportive and lightweight midsole for comfort and extra grip, these stylish trainers are perfect for running and working out. And, with a roomier-than-normal forefront to give your toes extra wiggle-room, they're also ideal for extended wear when out shopping or walking the dog.

Since these are not yet available from any other Skechers stockist in the UK, we gave a half a dozen lucky QVC shoppers a special preview to get their feedback. Here's just a selection of their comments:

  • "They make you feel like you are walking on air! They are a perfect fit and true to size." - June from Leicestershire
  • "The material is really soft and supple. I love the fact they have breathable mesh." - Angela from Buckinghamshire
  • "I have quite broad feet and a high instep, and it is difficult to get a shoe which offers such instant comfort." - Collette from Leatherhead

Richard Parker from Skechers will be the guest on Wednesday. He revealed: "These shoes were made for walkin'! They combine all of the best design features from our diverse line of fashion footwear and have been engineered to give you the performance you need without weighing you down. These GoWalk shoes feature a low-profile design and weigh less than four ounces."

Tune in from midnight on 5th March to find out what else our customer panel had to say, and see these fab trainers in five colours!

Explore the Skechers brand shop here.


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Looking forward to seeing this but I agree totally regarding half sizes - size up or size down doesn't work for me!

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Oh, how I would love to buy these! Sadly, as a strict vegetarian, the leather inserts make this an impossibility. Skechers designers, please make more all-synthetic footwear for us veggies. Thank you!

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I absolutely agree with the point about half sizes. The usual cheery comment of "just go down/up half a size!" is patronising and unhelpful. If a shoe isn't the right size, it won't fit, simple as. I love the look of Skechers but am no longer prepared to purchase two pairs only to find one is too big and the other too small. I'm not holding my breath that the tsv will be any different...I'm sure the advance publicity would have trumpeted if half sizes were to be introduced.

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Will QVC have, at long last, half sizes this time around? I have returned so many pairs of shoes in the past, because I really need a half size, and you never ever seem to offer them. Not very fair on us ladies who need the half sizes; and I would have thought not much more work involved for QVC in order to offer these.

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I will be purchasing for sure, I have a similar pair in grey and they are wonderful.
They are so light you can work for miles
I just hope they arrive in time for my holiday

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I ordered these last week and they are very light and comfy to wear without socks straight from the box. Sadly mine are going back as they are a much looser fit than the Go Walk pumps that I bought last year and fall off my feet even with socks on. I would suggest that they are not for anyone with a slim foot and maybe go down a size.

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These look great - just hope that as they are so light (as quoted) the p and p will not be ridiculous!

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