14 March 2014

18 years of Liz Earle on QVC

Will GowingOn Tuesday (18th March) and Wedneday (19th March) QVC will be celebrating 18 years of Liz Earle skincare on QVC with a series of special shows.

Have you been watching since the beginning? Which products do you use on a regular basis today? Leave me a comment below and share YOUR Liz Earle story. 

QVC presenter, Julia Roberts, hosted the first ever Liz Earle shows, so I caught up with her to find out more about those early years... 


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Take a look at the entire Liz Earle range here at QVC by clicking on the link.

You can catch the special Liz Earle anniversary shows on Tuesday (18th March) at 11am, 5pm & 10pm. There will also be shows on Wednesday (19th March) at 11am, 2pm & 9pm! 

Hot off the press...

I've just heard on the grapevine that Liz herself will be joining us to celebrate some of the anniversary shows, more details to come! 

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I am very confused!!!! I have used Liz Earle products since 1994 and I have loved it from day one could not be without it. If Liz Earle has sold the company to Avon how does that effect us the consumer? Are the ingredients the same ?? I don't think you can buy Liz Earle from Avon. I do not like Avon products,so I do hope everything stays the same.

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Having found this website and read comments re the Liz Earle sell out to Avon, I think I now understand possibly why my recent purchase of Liz Earle Botanical Essence No.1 didn't seem to have the usual strength or the staying power of old. Perhaps AVON have cut production costs by diluting it? Was going to buy from the Liz Earle makeup range but never got on well with AVON products so I won't. Now I panic over the future quality of the Cleanse and Polish range as this huge corporation chases even higher profits. Will they start changing to inferior ingredients that Liz Earle herself would not countenance? Just how much - if any - input does she now have? She always professes to have made it for her own skin and uses nothing else... I wonder...

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i love liz earle but am a bit comfused as to how muc of input liz has in the company now was she involved in the make up range

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I have used these fabulous products for 10 years. My disappointment is that when the company sold out to Avon and seemed to keep it under the radar, and now I fear it is becoming very commercial,not sure how long the quality of the products will last.

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When Liz Earle first came to Qvc,I was suffering badly with Eczema,it was on my face,eyelids,ears and inside my nose.I had tried everything possible from herbal remedies,GP,homemade treatments,but nothing was working and any kind of skincare just irritated it more,so for a while I gave up on cosmetics and skincare,I was at my wits end with it. Then one day I saw LE products on qvc and thought I may as well give it a try. I did and I had finally found a skincare brand that didn't irritate my Eczema,it improved my skin greatly and for me it was a miracle to be able to use skincare again. I have now been using LE for 18 years and still use many of the products,there are certain items I cannot be without,such as C&P,Eyebright,Skin repair,Exfoliator,Shampoo and conditioner. Knowing I have them in my cupboard gives me great comfort,I panic if I don't keep them stocked up. I just want to say a big "Thank you" to Liz,I don't know what I would have done without this range. I always look forward to different products being added to the range and can't wait to try them. I hope LE products will be around for many,many years to come xx .

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I am 50 this year and have been using liz Earle for the past 15 years and my 19 year old daughter also uses this range of skin care. I have at times tried other brands but my skin deteriorates and I always come back to liz Earle. I often get comments as to how healthy my skin looks. Thank you liz and I look forward to new products that you may develop as you face the problems of ageing skin as do we all.
Sue from Fife.

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I adore Eliz earle products - cleanse and polish just wonderful - thankfully QVC help spread the cost. Thank you

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I started using Liz Earle products from day 1, when she first came on QVC. Sadly unable to continue as I am now retired I am unable to buy as her products they have got so expensive now they are out of my financial league. But I just must say they are good way to start looking after your skin at the early stages and to continue for good skincare for now and for the future.

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I remember watching Julia Roberts and Liz Earle
launch Liz Earle products back in 1995 which were all in the pink and white containers! I think the Cleanse and Polish and Instant Boost Skin Tonic are superb and are still the best products around as they are very gentle on the skin and very effective. Also like the Eyebright during hayfever season as it makes eyes less senstive and the Shampoo is wonderful - it sorted out my husband's Excema on his scalp very quickly. Have recommended this range to both family and friends and they all use some of the products like me although I do use other beauty products from QVC too. Many thanks Liz for creating the range and please don't stop making it.

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I started using Liz Earle cleanse and polish approximately 15 years ago. I also used various other products over the years and was very happy. Sadly I heard that the Company had been bought by Avon in 2010 and that now Liz Earle has nothing to do with the company other than it is still using her name. I had been puzzled by the number of make-up products which had been appearing under the Liz Earle name and once I had heard the connection with Avon all became clear! Due to my lack of confidence in Avon and their products I have stopped purchasing the "Liz Earle" brand and am amazed that QVC is still leading their customers to believe that Liz Earle is involved with the products especially the ones produced since her sale of the company to Avon. This is not an honest approach to marketing/selling and having Liz on is, in my opinion, "passing off" in its worst form.

I could continue but there is very little likelihood of this comment being published so I will just finish with the this - QVC let your conscience be your guide!

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always have used the cleanse and polish. Tried other brands but always go back to this. Started my granddaughter on this when she was fourteen. Christmas a request for more from her! Start them early and they will always use good products and look after their skin . like her other products but cleans and polish my best of all.

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I love Cleanse and polish and suspension concentrate, among the many others. Liz Earle always makes your skin feel and look great,

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1994 I was on maternity leave watching daytime itv tv. Can't remember the programme but I remember the beauty journalist being featured, it was Liz Earle. I had never heard of her and she was making a homemade skin treatment which involved keeping an odd looking liquid warm in her airing cupboard. I'll be honest I thought it was quite strange. So imagine my surprise when a few years later Liz Earle turns up on QVC with her products! When I tried Cleanse & Polish I was an instant convert. A naturally cleansed face and make up removed in one step! The baby girl I was on maternity leave with (21 this year) has used Cleanse & Polish from age 12. With her sensitive, prone to Excema skin it was the natural choice to address her teen skin imbalances. My teenage son now uses it too. It's an absolutely fantastic skin care product at a moderate price. The exfoliator, superskin moisturiser are also great & I love wearing the Botanicals Essence fragrance.
Thank you Liz Earle and QVC!

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