24 January 2014

Don't miss Liz Earle's new Bath & Body range this weekend

Caroline 1Hi everyone, it's Caroline Archer here,

To kick off your 2014 with a sensorial burst, I am thrilled to share our new Indulgent Bath & Body collection on Sunday 26th January at 6pm.

Join Debbie Flint and I as we awaken the senses, helping you choose between a trio of mood-boosting creations: Tiare & Jasmine (to inspire), Vanilla & Saffron (to comfort) and Bergamot & Ginger (to rejuvenate).

B&G groupTruly a delight to all of the senses, these exquisite aromas are matched by botanical excellence in formulation, with naturally derived foaming agents and skin-softening naturally actives. Each fragrant duo contains a Creamy Shower Nectar to gently cleanse, soothe and moisturise and a Silky Body Lotion to soften and hydrate.

Whether you only have time for a quick shower, or can really luxuriate in a long, blissful soak, this decadent collection leaves you with cleansed, soft and delicately scented skin – ensuring you keep that moment of special indulgence with you throughout the day. All you need is a lock on your bathroom door then prepare to be whisked away. Heaven captured in a bottle? Very close.

T&J groupI can’t wait to share more about our pampering range on Sunday 26th January, where I’ll reveal some of the inspiration behind the development of this sensorial collection. Save space in your bathroom because these mood-enhancing and skin-softening saviours totally fit the botanical bill.

Of course, it is also the perfect collection for gifting – be it special anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day, or just to say thank you in a very special way. Prepare to be amazed – this is a very special moment in our Liz Earle history, and one to be savoured. Can’t wait to hear what you think…

 Caroline x

 See the Liz Earle beauty range


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I am allergic to sulfates & therefore only use sulphate free products. Also do these products contain fragrance or perfume in the ingredients list? I suffer with eczema & through patch testing at hospital have found that I am also allergic to Balsam of Peru, a fragrance ingredient used in fragrance mix, which many companies use & list as 'fragrance/perfume. Would be very grateful if you could confirm whether or not these 2 ingredients are listed in any of these products.

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Where is the product or did I just miss it or is it sold out already

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Thanks for this information.
Looking forward to reading the ingredients when I receive this set, hoping there will not be SLS/SLES or Propylene Glycol in it. If there isn't then I'll very much enjoy using it through the Chinese New Year period which begins at the end of this month. Ginger being a lovely warming, spicy root, and bergamot being linked with Earl Grey tea and equally delightfu. It's a combination of essential oils I particularly like, so really looking forward to receiving this!

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When are you going to come clean and let everyone know that Liz Earle sold out to Avon in 2010 and all new products are their invention and not Liz Earle's. People can then decide for themselves whether they wish to continue using this range. It certainly explained to me why they had gone into make-up products - not a normal range for a skincare company!?!

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Hi are they fragrance/parfume free

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