13 November 2013

The first look at Saturday's Apple TSV

Apple iPad mini and accessoriesThis July saw us introduce our first ever Apple Today's Special Value offer, and because it went down so well, they are back with another one!

Tune in from midnight on Saturday 16th November to see the brilliant 16GB iPad mini in action. A super-sleek tablet device that boasts the endless features of the full-size iPad but in a lightweight design that you can hold in one hand.

Virtually all of the 375,000 apps tailor-made for the iPad also work on the iPad mini, meaning that you can do everything from booking a hotel and doing your grocery shopping to playing the latest games and editing family photos, plus so much more!

We could spend hours going through all of the great features, such as the super-fast internet connectivity and beautiful LED-backlit multi-touch display, but what makes our TSV extra-special is all the accessories you get with it.

The accessories bundle (worth over £180!) includes a portfolio case, noise isolating in-ear headphones, a year's subscription to SOS Online Backup and so much more - we don't want to give everything away quite yet!

Will met up with our electronics guest, Lee Hohbein, to find out more about this fantastic Today's Special Value bundle.


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If it is only 16Gb how many films could it hold?

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Don't see the point in anything Apple with a 16GB memory. I love Apple but the software takes up too much memory now and you cannot expand it. My 16GB iPhone4 is so frustrating. If I want to download a new song or app I have to delete something else first.

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I don't know why everyone's wants to pay over 100 quid more if you own a smartphone and unlimited internet on your mobile you can tether the internet from your phone wirelessly I do this when I'm out from my iphone 5

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Looking forward to the iPad Mini on TSV. However, I hope the package doesn't include the magazine subscription ( as with past TSV) as most people said they didn't want it, so was a waste of money !

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will this item be on easy pay?

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I recived mine last time it is wonderfully and the easy payments allowed me. To have one

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It doesn't have cellular connectivity only wifi

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Great to see an APPLE TSV.
I was hoping it would be the new APPLE AIR w GB option 16 or 32 as I am looking to buying one.

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Fingers crossed for the new retina display or a really great value original mini. A sub £200 original mini plus accessories, I'm in!

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I hope it has the retina display and Wi-Fi + Cellular connectivity. Is it on easy pay?
Can't wait to see it
Sara Hodgson

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