16 October 2013

Behind the scenes at our Breast Cancer Care show

Catherine and JackieWhat a fantastic night it was, non-stop from 6pm - 9pm raising money and awareness for Breast Cancer Care. We had celebs galore (Shane Lynch and his wife, Flavia and Vincent, Jonathan and Charlotte, Linda Barker... to name a few!), some of our favourite QVC guests, special products designed especially for the night and much more.

If you missed out on all the action, we took some photos behind the scenes to share with you and remember, you can still donate online and watch loads of our Breast Cancer Care videos at qvcuk.com/breastcancercare 

Go to our blog with videos of our tribute to Amica Flavia and Vincent dancing the rumba to Jonathan and Charlotte's live performance here.

Ali K, Craig, Shane and Sheena Jackie, Vincent and Flavia

Our guests helping out Will, Kelly from New CID, Dale and Simon Wilson

Our volunteers Shane and Ali K posing for a pic

Sarah Jagger and Julie StriVectin QVCUK volunteers

Julie Bates looking fab Ali K getting ready

Lisa Snowdon, Dale and Andrea Begley Dale and Shane Lynch

QVC guests on the phones Will getting all the goss backstage

Craig running the auction

A volunteer on the phone









Susie Adams from Northern Nights, Jackie and Dale

Our guests hard at work






Craig and Andrea McLean Jonathan waits backstage






Flavia and Vincent dancing

Vincent and Flavia performing to Jonathan and Charlotte






Final performance Jonathan and Charlotte performing






The night's backstage team

The end to a great show







Everyone waiting for the final amount raised










Thanks for supporting such a fantastic cause!


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So sorry to hear about Amica - she always looked and seemed like a really genuine person.

I am a breast cancer survivor of more than 25 years so there is hope. Sad when someone passes for everyone but its to make a space for someone else - the angels told me.

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So sorry to hear about Amica - she always looked and seemed like a really genuine person.

I am a breast cancer survivor of more than 25 years so there is hope. Sad when someone passes for everyone but its to make a space for someone else - the angels told me.

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Well done QVC team, the best presented BCC show ever,
Alison looked wonderful in Red, good luck to her and all her family.

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2 of my closest friends and my sister in law were diagnosed with breast cancer within 4 months of each other this year. We are riding this roller coaster with them. Many thanks to QVC for an incredible night and for raising awareness. Blessings to you all and to all who are affected by this dreadful disease.

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Awww no ! So sorry to hear the news about Amica, she was such a lovely lady. RIP and deepest condolences to her family. x

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Well done to all involved last night. Although I watched the whole show, I only saw that terribly touching tribute to Amica from Charlie, but I didn't see any reference to the lovely Beulah. Did I miss it.
Allison looked beautiful in her lovely long red dress.

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Well done QVC another wonderful BCC event, I ordered my first Kipling bag and can't wait for it to arrive. Sooo enjoyed watching Craig what energy, enthusiasm and personality.
I was so sorry to hear the sad news about the lovely Ameka, my condolences to all who knew and loved her.
Once again CONGRATULATIONS to all who took part.

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Thanks for a great show full of laughter and fun. I cried at a lot of stories to which I can relate, had surgery 11/2010 and have had good results so far only down side my hair hasn't grown back. Great to see Alison looking so well.
Keep up your very good work

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as i said last night my lovely daughter in law gave birth to a healthy boy on 15th and had her breast removed straight after due to cancer.she has 3 more lots of chemo to go thru,i pray she is a survivor.ALISON you looked amazing last night and may you stay clear for good.a tear came to my eye for poor amica.sadly taken by this evil cancer.thoughts to her family and all who have lost someone or who is suffering.WE MUST FIND A CURE so please donate

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What a very moving show… I have not lost any one with breast cancer
But the thought of it ….
it is reassuring there is always someone there for you on your journey…. And to help find the strength along the way.
I wish I was in the position to give more than I did , but my thought and prayers go out to you all …. and now the rears start again…….
Without the support of show like QVC , I can only think of how people would survive …..
I thank you xx

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thank you

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I managed to watch the whole three hours and it was fantastic! Got through a fair few tissues! Very emotional when listening to Ali, the stories of the three models and then Charlie talking about Amica. I remember watching Amica when I first started tuning in to QVC many years ago and she was always a delight to watch, so sad to hear last night that she lost her battle. Cancer is a dreadful disease in any shape or form, I lost my mum to cancer five and half years ago. I keep praying they will find a cure one day, so important to support events like this!

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Well done qvc if I was to donate I would normally have given the usual £10.00 but I ended up spending about £150.00 so goes to show the show does work. At present I don't have anyone close having to deal with breast cancer but never say never and fingers crossed . Well done again to you and all the people who donated.

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