24 September 2013

Did you see Saturday Night Gifts last weekend?

Will Gowing Saturday Night Gifts is back and the first show of 2013 was great fun! 

I spent the evening in the Green Room with our Saturday Night Gifts guests eating 80s nibbles. There were also a few Pina Coladas knocking around, but I had to keep a clear head to read all of your Twitter and Facebook messages! 

This week we were asking you about your best-ever QVC buys, we had lots of suggestions; Mally Volumizing Mascara, Ninja kitchen gadgets, Nails Inc and Butler & Wilson were just a few.

We were also asking you to send in your pet pictures. Why? Well we had the fab team from Pet Munchies on the show. The team includes Marley the dog and I managed to film him in the Green Room showing us a few tricks, take a look... 


[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube's Help page]

Isn't he lovely?! 

So back to your pet pics... I don't think I've ever had so many tweets in one show, your pictures came in so quickly to Twitter (@QVCUK) and Facebook (QVCUK), here are a few of our favourites... 



Donna Maria Williams...

"My baby Poppy watching @qvcuk."









"This is Gizmo, he loves Pet Munchies! His faves are chicken strips & ocean strips."








"This is my Persian, he's called Dudley, best cat ever! Chilling in the sink with the Liz Earle hand wash!" 






I hope you can join us for 'Saturday Night Gifts with Debbie' this Saturday (28th September) LIVE from 8pm. We'll have music from Matt Goss, top tips from celebrity stylist Richard Ward, a Today's Special Value from L'Occitane and loads more!

Once again I'll be in the Green Room reading your messages, you can get in touch with us during the show on Twitter (@QVCUK), Facebook (QVCUK) and also by email (SaturdayNightGifts@qvc.com).

See you soon,


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