29 August 2013

Shane Lynch from Boyzone is coming to QVC!

Shane LynchShane has put aside his microphone, that is until the Boyzone tour later in the year, and focussed on another of his passions: health and fitness.

He's found it easier to keep fit since his boyband hey-day with his new understanding around fitness. Shane explains: “There’s so much nonsense out there that people are trying to do and it’s just not good for them.

So taking the time to understand my own body, fitness, health and the food side of things, has armed me with the tools to move forward... and hopefully it will for others too.”

So, now we’re launching his innovative two-part DVD - 'Shane Lynch Life'! Shane has shopped with QVC for years, especially back in the early 2000s when he had time off between touring.

“I found myself watching QVC a lot and seeing products that I hadn’t seen for ages that really drew me in.” Shane remembers, “I was fascinated by all the gadgets and products, wanting to fill my house with all the great products – you name it I’ve bought it.”

'Shane Lynch Life' challenges fitness lovers while also motivating those of us who are less active to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Shane Lynch with Mick Barratt and Denise CurtisThe first DVD, 'ActiveYou', is a tailor-made workout regime designed with fitness expert Mick Barratt. It aims to fit into any lifestyle, with exercises lasting 10, 20, 30 and 40 minutes so you always have enough time to workout.

Shane says: “'It's a plan designed to easily become part of your daily routine whether you are right at the beginning of a new active journey or already a fitness fan.”

You also get 'HealthyYou', a DVD packed with delicious recipes created with help from top nutritionist Denise Curtis, designed to look after your body before and after exercise.

Shane really does practice what he preaches, encouraging his bandmates to try out the fitness regime and even finding the full fitness workout tough himself!

So what does Shane choose to snack on between rehearsals? Simple: nuts.

He says: “The thing with nuts is they’re really calorific but they have some good essential oils in there. Preferably you’d want to stick with almonds. Not too many, like anything you have to be sensible. But a little almond goes a long way.”

Shane has been busy in the kitchen for the latest series of Celebrity Masterchef, putting his skills to the test. He tells us how his family have always done things a bit differently. “I’m a massive shellfish fan. Always have been from when I was a kid.

My Christmas dinner even consisted of lobster over turkey. Not because we lived in a big rich champagne-lobster eating family. Just because my family are... a bit odd, really, and we always just did things differently!”

He’s a big fan of the judges too, Greg Wallace and John Torode: “They didn’t shoot me down. They asked me to do things in certain ways to make them better, as opposed to telling me I’d done really badly. So I think the lads are absolute gents.”

Also, if you love Boyzone, 'Shane Lynch Life' includes the ‘Back to Boyzone’ DVD showing you behind the scenes of how Shane is preparing for the Boyzone 20th anniversary arena tour!

Shane’s really excited about being able to share this build-up with the fans.

“It’s exciting bringing people on the journey and all the way up to that moment of when we first step on stage. And, with the whole package that we’re doing, you’re going to see that emotion and share that journey.  So people will able to see that journey as opposed to me just telling you.”

See the 'Shane Lynch Life' DVD set on air and on sale on Wednesday 2nd October. Plus tune into My QVC with Shane Lynch at 6pm on Friday 27th September when he'll be chatting about his favourite QVC products.

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