25 July 2013

Guest Marjolein reveals Sunday's AeroPilates TSV

Marjolein Brugman AeroPilates is a lifestyle and complete body toning workout which was developed by Marjolein Brugman after her rehabilitation from a car accident 15 years ago. It was during this time that she discovered the profound benefits of Pilates.

We caught up with expert Marjolein to get insider info on the amazing Today's Special Value offer coming up as well as some top Pilates tips.

Tell us a bit about the 4240 machine and the benefits of using it?

AeroPilates is a total body workout that strengthens every muscle of your body, retrains you how to move correctly, lengthens all tightness and improves your cardio health with non-impact jumping while lying on your back.

The AeroPilates 4240 gives everyone the opportunity to discover reformer Pilates at an affordable price. This reformer is the entry point for those interested in pure Pilates and can be simply upgraded as the user develops and wishes to take AeroPilates to the next level.

The machine features three cords, the unique folding action for easy storage, adjustable neck support, a removable foot bar, pulley risers for extra comfort and the new pull up bar with 20 extra exercises for the upper body.

This model also includes the special 3 DVD library collection with an introduction DVD for the absolute beginner and level 1 and level 2 pure pilates. Also for extra convenience there are two large easy to follow workout charts covering all the main exercises.

Who is Pilates suitable for? 

Every age group and gender can benefit from the fun and effective AeroPilates routine. Those who want to lose weight will see the benefits quickly, those who feel tight and stiff will feel more supple and those who want to strengthen their muscles and improve bone density will also benefit. Even people with chronic pain from arthritis and ME can benefit from this gentle and efficient daily workout.

What's the difference between taking a Pilates class and using the machine?

Reformer Pilates corrects physical imbalances in your body by strengthening weak muscles, lengthening short muscles and retracing the stabilising muscles to engage appropriately. While you get stronger on the mat you cannot make those changes as easily as when on the machine.

What is it about Pilates that you most enjoy?

I love how my body feels during the AeroPilates routine - energised and yet elongated, and because it is fun and efficient, it is a workout that I very much look forward to each day. It's the only workout routine that is effective but doesn't hurt!

Keep your eyes peeled for the AeroPilates 4240 Today's Special Value offer on Sunday 28th July. 

Take a look at the entire AeroPilates range.


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Hi im so disappointed I mist last nights showing of this product,i certainly would have bought at that price...is it likely to be shown again at that price ?..

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Hello Marjolein, nice to see you back on QVC!
I was wondering if the Pull Up Bar would fit my AeroPilates machine (model 55-4600U 531-696) bought years ago. It came with the Cardio Board, which is amazing, and 2DVDs.
I will be 69 in October, suffer with osteo arthritis but I really enjoy my exercises!

Best wishes,
Irene x

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I have had my aeroplates machine for over 4 years, however while using it last November I damaged the tendon behind my knee which to date has not quite gone back to normal. I have not used the machine since, as I am afraid to use it again.

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I am sooooooooo disappointed that I am unable to buy the separate pull up bar. Have been on wait list, then the item fell off the page into the abyss. Sorry but I am unable to buy another machine just so I can get my hands on the pull up bar. What about your loyal followers who have spent money on machine, circles, head rests, videos then DVDs????????? Maybe I should design one and get my son to make it in his metal work class. Not happy

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Hi when will the pull up bar be returning please, thankyou

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